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Yay for Tuesday

Has anyone seen the Dominos comercial declaring Tuesday asthe new best day of the week. At first a guy named tuesday comesin depressed, because he's overlooked. Then he ties up Friday and Saturday and stands victoriously. I just wanted to tell you all soyou knew about the deal of cheap pizza on tuesdays.
Oh yeah, and it confirms what we already know... Tuesday's the coolest!!!


Blogger Fisher-man said...

if i didn't agree with her so much i would mock her because of her insatiable desire to suck up to tuesday

2:01 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Tuesday, stop posting as Bruin. Come on, feel the freedom to boast and blow your own horn, with the confidence of a true worrior, and the wisdom of a man!

2:05 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

I thought the same thing! I saw the commercial but didn't want to post on it. Thought someone may have seen it as dorky. THanks for taking the punch Bruin! Love you! and Tuesday... Love you too! think of you every tuesday!

9:37 PM


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