Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Well my time in the Middle East is almost through. I finished my program on the 27th and have spent the last week in the Holy Land, yes right now I am currently in Jerusalem. Life the last 5 months has been a little differant than normal; infact it has been much better than normal. I love this place and God willing I will be back again. Although I do have hesitations about ever returning home I am looking forward to seeing most of you. No really I am stoked to be spending random wednesday afternoons on the beach with you all.

I am going to be in Israel/Palestine for the next two weeks then back to Egypt for one day and then finally good ole America on the 18th.

I love you guys,
God bless


Blogger Christopher said...

MOST of us huh? Who are you looking forward to most. Does he have a shinny disposition? Does he sweat alot in the summer? Can he spell disposition right?

11:50 AM

Blogger Bruin said...

Words can't express my admiration for you. I understand your hesitations about coming back. It's kind of like Frodo having to sail off into Elfland because he can't return to the shire. But a balance will come where you can live with your heart in more than one place. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I think it will. We can talk more if you want. I can't wait to hear about your life in Egypt and time in Israel.

2:34 PM

Blogger Scout said...

What I am unsure of is...why are you coming back? Not that I would not want to see you again because I love you Flip and cannot wait for your return but if you feel that God has called you there then what better time than to start now. I know that there are a lot more complications than that and I wish there wasn't. I understand how you feel about the Middle East. You see those people and love them sooo much. I am so stoke for you. I don't really know why I wanted to say this, maybe because I was in that same situation and wish that I could go back, which I can but now feel that God has not called me back yet (for me it is Romania) but you are there and God can do so much through you and your relationships that you have established there. I am seriously praying for you right now Flip and I know that there is way more than just choosing to stay or not. I don't really know why I am writing or what I am saying but I just felt that I had to ask! Love you Flip and cannot wait to see your beautiful face this up coming summer!!!!

4:28 PM


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