Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


sorry i havent written in so long. ive just been really busy at work. bootie and i have a lot of responsibilities and pretty much the coffee shop would close down without us. its a hard job, but someone has to do it. miss you people like crazy. i think new years is in santa cruz..thats the rumor im hearing.


Blogger Chilly said...

looks like you guys have that coffee buissness down. :-D miss you too!

2:15 PM

Blogger rudy said...

who's bootie is that?

2:28 PM

Blogger Tuesday said...

cutest one I've seen all week.

10:57 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

how many bootie's you looking at tuesday? way I see it is that kinda thing ain't allowed when you're boy's up in sac and you're down at school...... just thought i'd mention

1:37 PM

Blogger Lark said...

ohhh santa cruz i like that! and ohh two beautiful girls- i like that as well

12:18 AM

Blogger Tuesday said...

Thanks for keeping me in line Fish, SOOOOO glad to have a friend like you.

12:15 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

hey.... i was only teasing.

1:33 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Actually Lark, I think it's in Plesenton. However sooo true about the girls.


8:11 AM


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