Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Three Weeks Down

Hey team, thus far life could be categorized as "real busy". I do the whole full-time job thing and then I'm taking classes still at Davis, depriving me of both the fun off-hour schedule of classes and the after-hours free time of a full-time job. It wears me down a bit but it's hard to complain when the full-time job is pretty fun and my classmates fairly agreeable.

The biggest challenge thus far has been a freshman in my fifth period algebra class, the sorta kid who seems possessed of the energy and problems of two kids. Well, I came to find out, through chatting with his junior high, that he is two kids. He's an identical twin, and he and his brother switch in and out of each other's classes mostly at will. I've been around identical twins before and these two are really identical. I'm trying to figure a way to tell them apart, hopefully one that won't require permanently disfiguring one of them. Is cattle branding permanent?

The school sent me my school pictures last week, but there must've been some mistake 'cause I got some high school kid's photos. Good-looking kid and all, but nothing like any teacher I've ever seen.

Currently curious about:
  • the status of Lark's Canadian parliament takeover.
  • Flip and Snorts' re-integration into Colorado life.
  • Scout's roommate
  • Disco's rent payments
  • Who's college experience
  • the Day Camp couples: Montana/Frodo and Tuesday/Bruin


Blogger this one small girl said...

so. interesting. day camp 2004 huh? so does this mean ONLY day camp counselors of 2004 get to post, or does this also include other counselors who basically worked day camp 2004 as well..who might just own a sweatshirt from that summer as well as have pictures with actual live campers from day camp 2004 in them. HUH? HUH? i dont remember getting a memo on this thing. but its cool...ive never really been rejected or left out of anything before, being really really pretty and all, so i guess this will just strengthen my character. good ridance to you all.

2002 kicks ass.

ha. kidding. i miss and love you all. even if im not suppose to be posting here.

9:36 PM


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