Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Indy getting married

SO after this weekend Indy will be OFFICIALLY off the market forever.

Congratulations to Kristin and Ben! we all love you.


Telephone Pictionary

This got a little rowdy. Not safe for work. Posted just because.

  1. santa vs. osama bin laden

  2. venessa dreams of a prince singing songs of hope, truth, and love

  3. when in rome ...

  4. i love cake

  5. gator hits jav in the business center

  6. damn it feels good to be a gangster

  7. chris rehrer's beard is burning

  8. my milkshake brings all the boys to the house

  9. fish shaking it like a polaroid picture

Christmas 1973

Drunk Uncle Javelin.

Fish Farts Rainbows

More to come.


New Year's 2010

So there are reportedly a bunch of New Years options this year, with parties in Seattle and elsewhere. At this point, you have Tuesday, Lark, Gator, Jav, Fish, and Meredith hanging out in Mount Hermon at Lark's place for December 30 & 31 & January 1. We would love to see anyone who wants to party in MH. The itinerary isn't yet set but we'll likely be doing some day trips to San Jose or San Francisco while enjoying fine dining and drinks in the evening.

RSVP here or to my email address:




So I know I am not on here very often but a text from spidey made me think i should venture back on here. Things are crazy... in short:

  1. Became the full time Youth Pastor at High Street Community Church, in Santa Cruz
  2. Got Engaged to the love of my life in February 09
  3. Bought a house in Scotts Valley Aug 28th 09
  4. And at the End of September we will be married!
So in short Life is good. Very Good! I am happy, blessed and have a full plate!
   - Muppet


I really missed Day Camp today.

Photo 7
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I had a couple of DC encounters** today and I got all sappy over the old Newton Memorial.

Gosh i miss you guys. Where is everyone on the map these days? I need a fix!


**Email from Muppet
**Looking at pictures
**Hearing about the engagement of the state and the hobbit.
**And hearing about Who's Dad. (Sorry man)


Clip 21: We Miss Our Panties

This is the last clip. I have no idea how I found it. It's been good catching up with a few of you.


Clip 20: Fondue Party!

Second-to-last clip.


Clip 19: The Moment She Knew