Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Riddle me this.

Hey, day campers. It's Riddler here, your staff counselor just checking in.

I'm in San Marcos working as a Resident Director. I'm missing you all.

I'm going to work on the prop closet now.

From my sister:

Good Evening All!

I spoke with Mom a few times today. She is at Kaiser for the next week or so. Don't worry though, this was a scheduled thing! She is having the port put in her arm on the 30th early morning. Please pray for her. She is a little frightful of it. It is suppose to be an easy operation, but with everything that has gone on with her recently she is not liking the idea of it. She is also very bored there and can't wait to go home.

Please just say a prayer for her. Help ease her mind and give her peace.

She does have an appointment lined up with the kidney transplant people to get the process started for a new kidney. This is a lengthy process, but she is excited to get it started. Her doctors are all hopeful that the kidneys will come back because they are improving.

Thanks so much and if you have any questions please E-mail.

Here is her direct number to her room: (707) 651-3051


Me again: I normally forward stuff to people but this is kinda big, so I just thought it would be more progressive (prayer wise) if I just blogged it up.

Also, after Mom goes in to get the kidney process started. I'm going to go in and get my kidney's looked at for compatibility. As we draw closer to the potential knife...well I'm kinda freaking out a little. Pray for that too guys.

Fish- My Bruins are better!...not really...



I love the smell of napalm in the morning...

... it smells like victory. Well, to be honest, I haven't be smelling a lot of napalm recently - but I am becoming quite familiar with victory. You see, if you had all gone to the amazing school of UCLA, you would be able to come on the blog every year and brag about how your team is in the Final Four yet again (ok so maybe it's only been this year and the last, but you get the point). This just to say:

nah nah nah nah nah nah..... Go UCLA! (aka.. Florida had better not make us look like little girls again this year.... but seriously, did your team make it the Championship? Right. So keep your mouth shut.) Bruins are gonna take it.


Live every week like it's Shark Week.

Zach Braff eat your heart out!

On May 11th I go to court to legally change my last name from "Henderson" to "Love" (the latter, [as most of you know] being my mother's maiden name). All that's left is for me is to go to medical school after which I can introduce you to...


Perhaps I'll just forge my medical licence.


Vampires are the world's best golfers.


I am a stabbing robot.


umm, santa cruz here i come?

So this is my last semester at community college and I've been waiting on all the apps that I sent out a few months back. I got into SF state right away, but all the UC's have been taking their sweet time on my decision. That is until last week when UC Santa Cruz told me I'm good enough for them. So Gator, Rudy, Muppet (umm, anyone else who lives there...) if Berkeley and LA don't want me, then I just might be in your general neighborhood. Still holding out for Cal mainly though, but it's a pretty long shot, so SC is looking like the most likely option. On a similar note, this will mean that I am going to have to find a living situation down there eventually, so keep your ears out for me.


I am in!

Nova I would love to see a picture of your new look (with the marker on the face), and Rudy don't throw up in the mouth just let it all out. Jav, I like the effort, and good luck with school. I think you are at one of the best schools, keep up the good work. Spidey, love the look. Spiff, what you up to these days? Frodo, I will see you tomorrow. Fish, I would really enjoy an updated picture of you doing your thing. Gator, miss ya and love your new work. I hope all is well with everyone, and let God work through you everyday.

24 days left.....


Mustache March!

Just in case you didn't know.

*Spiff- Don't worry, I know you're on board.


Heeeere's Mommy!

She's out of the hospital, out of bed, and out on the town! Go Momma! I just wanted to let you guys know how she was doing. God has been awesome, and so has everyone else. It's been a long road but it's finally winding down and things are returning to normal. Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers, (and in Daff's case, moral boosting urinations).


Times, they are a changing...

I am sitting here in a new room, in a new town, on a new computer, with new housemates writting this post to let you all know how crazy fast things change! So I am now wireless (can i get a woohoo for freedom?) and I am now also living in chico so if anyone is on their way North or South or East or West and passing through come and kick it on my couch, or floor, or where ever and we can hang. I also have 4 new housemates. 2 are incredibly good looking, their names are Vince and Buddy and even though they have four legs and a tail they're good people to live with. The other 2 I'm not so crazy about, 1 is my cousin Ethan and the other is Pete and they are considerably less good looking and a lot less exciting than Vince and Buddy. So yeah, life is exciting from failing Chemistry to making a ridiculous amount of java, it keeps me busy. So that's all I have to say about that. Oh yeah and here is a picture of my legs on their way to work...



Hey what's new, blog? Seems like all we can do these days is just keep everybody current on the going-ons of our lives so here's mine.

Life's been generous. Got a decent job and a few fun hobbies. Recently, I made a wedding album for Jav & Jayber (who, you may recall, are married now) and a big video project for Mount Hermon. I thought I'd toss those up here since most of you have been big-time supporters of my sidejob. Except for Fish, who needs to fall face-first on a rake, pronto. (Ahhh, I forgot how nice a Fish flame feels.)

Here's the album. Jagshemash!

Here's the video. High five!

I also write about teaching over at a different blog where I've already picked up a readership of a hundred-or-so and been called the worst thing to happen to the Internet. Sexy time!

Anyway, stay strong. Post a little something about yourself. I may be at camp again this summer and I hope no one thinks worse of me for it. There is an exciting horse race for director shaping up and, regardless, dc is gonna be in strong hands.