Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Roll Call!


Would'ja all do me a favor and shoot me an email?



Save Spidey

The Spider-Man balloon hasn't been in the parade for a few years and there is a petition to bring it back. Check out the site and sign if you feel like you want to see Spidey back in the sky.



Fine... I'll do it! No one has posted in a couple of days so I'll step up and do it. A few things:

1) I'm fired up for summer! I can use prayer as I close up the quarter, get moved out of my house and make the long trek down to MH. It was crazy last year and really stressful so hopefully it won't be again. It should be better.

2) I'm also really excited for Jav and Jayber. I've been thinking alot about you guys lately and how great it is you are getting married. That is awesome and I can't wait for it to all happen!

3) Gator is comming back! It will be good to have him around. Also, I'm thankful for Gator being such a great guy and mailing me DVD's and books. It's really appreciated so thanks buddy! If you need me to mail you something just say the word.

4) The NBA playoffs have been great so if you have missed them you are missing out! I can fill anyone in if they care. Lebron is the best player in the league right now and it's crazy to watch him.

5) This has been by far the worst REAL WORLD season ever! I'm disappointed and think it sucks... but I still watch every episode.

6) Pray for Kyle Stuckey. If you don't know him he is my best friend and is going to be Junior High Director this year. He didn't do JH last summer but he did work alot with the kids. I know he will do great but it will be a new challenge.

7) Hope everyone else is doing good. Fish- good luck this summer working on a campaign and changing the world. Spidey- I trust god has a plan for you even if it isn't a Day Camp and congrats again and the girl. Don't rush into anything to crazy though. Frodo, Montana, Who, Indy, Bro and Lark- Glad you are all returning and I know we will do great with the new staff. Snaps- how your mom got more bling and that situation worked out and good luck this summer. Everyone else... love you too!


that beloved night

so i don't post much anymore and i just wanted an excuse for everyone to see this picture. and fish, i forgot to tell you happy birthday, but you are still my favorite fish in the sea. hopefully my cheesiness will make up.

Hey boyyyys!

Have a happy one, Larky, but seriously, no more freaking birthdays. May is closed.


Don't hurt 'em, Fisher!!

So cool you get to write a thesis on your birthday.


Oh Lord!

I'm at work and SOOOOOOO BORED!!! I haven't seen a soul for 2.5 hours! If you see this before 10pm tonight please call me at 831-335-4466.


I broke Blogger.

Or something. At about 105 I got a "Comments Disabled" notice.

DC Slumber Party 2006! Woo!


we forgot... we suck.


we love you. we promise.

we knew it was your birthday.

we just wanted you to think we didn't remember.

love you rosser!


Day Late. Dollar Short. II.

It'll always bug me that she's older than me. Drop dead, Dee Dee. Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!!!!!


WE Got Engaged!!!

Thank you all for your help and prayers to make this happen. We were very happy to spend this time with people that we love. It was alot of fun to see your faces. And To see the new game in action with Joe asking a mother if she was an astronaut because her ass is out of this world, and Shannan trying to get a volleyball away from jr. high kids. For the people that couldn't come, thankyou for the prayers and we love you too! WE haven't picked a date yet but when I get back from Jamaica and before Camp, we will hopfully have a date. Thank you so much for everything!

Thanks again for your prayers,
Who and What

Ps. Jamaica here I Come less than 24 hours.


graduation has officially occured

yep i walked...thought you should have the update...a BA in Communications
work plans: Camp and then back to Canada working at TWU in the Student Life office as an intern with Global Projects.

tried to quit - i can't


House warming party

You all should come. It's on Wednsday the 24th at 5:30pm. I'll see you there!


The Streets

No one wants to miss this. I wanted to make sure that I passed the information along as soon as I had it. Yes, The Streets are going to be in America, and I'm going to the concert on June 10th here in LA. He (they) will be at the Henry Fonda Theater, and it's going to be amazing. Jenny and I got our tickets today, but they are general admission, and so if anyone wants to join us - you can get your own ticket online and join us. Some of my friends up here at school are probably going as well, and it will be a good crew. The tickets are only $30, and I'm sure you can google it or check out Ticketmaster.

Word is they also have a concert on the 9th up in San Francisco and I think there may be some people headed up there to that one. Don't miss it - British rap doesn't come everywhere in America.

That's my public service announcement.

And I just realized, if you don't know who The Streets are - then nevermind; you're not cool enough to come anyway. HA!

i got to see gator !

yes i did...the highlight of my week!


Smoothy + Rachael = Fun times!

I hate to do this right after Daff's last post, (I love you man). But I wanted to let you guys know that I'm seeing this girl named Rachael, and I really like her. So here's the story....

I met her at a downtown flyer passing out thing. She works for the womans crisis center so she and some co-workers were handing out things about sexual assualt. So our mutual friend Aaron Pipin a.k.a. "Surge", calls me up and asks me if I'd like to join in. I had nothing better to do that night so I said "Okay". So I meet her there and we talk all night. After that we either see or talk to each other every day.

Then last Friday I found her and myself at a resterant with her on the Santa Cruz Peir. After dinner she wanted to go and walk down to the lighthouse. After some touch-and-go of holding hands we arrived. After sitting with her for a bit I made my move and we kissed.

I really like her. And I can't wait for you all to meet her. Also an interesting fact. In addition to working at the womans crisis center she is also a princess at kid's birthday parties on the weekends. Cool huh?


Prayer Please #2

Hey everyone- So Kjersten and I broke up today for good this time. It really sucks because we both care alot about each other but it just isn't working no matter how much we try. It is both our faults and blah blah blah. The hardest part is that she is by far the most dateable (sp?) girl I have met at Western and it is just really frustrating.
Please pray for both of us and that I can move on with my life easily. I have alot of school work and other things going on and I can't afford to be distracted. I honestly think this is for the best and I know God has a great plan. Oh yeah, I need sleep!!! Hope everyone else is doing good!

prayer please.

hey guys...

so last thursday i got a call from danny (my boyfriend) who was picking aubrey (my little sister) up from one of her homeschool classes. they had just gotten back to my house and were calling me to let me know that my house had been BROKEN INTO, RANSACKED, AND BURGLARIZED. so i leave work, because my mom is in greece, and its my dad's busy time of the year and he's unreachable. so i race home to see the damage... ALL of my mom's jewelry is gone, all of the bedrooms were absolutely ransacked, a tv, a minibike, my digital camera, all of our jewelry, giftcards, etc. if you have been out to my house, you know we're out in the country, so its pretty crazy, they had a desire to come to MY house. they were probably staking it out, which is really creepy. also, they determined that the people showed up as a landscaping company, because our front lawn was mowed, and the lawn mower was moved. really weird.

the good thing is that we're all fine. the bad news is that my mom is devastated on the other side of the world... she had more than $15,000 worth of jewelry stolen. and she feels helpless, because she can't even see what's going on. overall, they got away with upwards of $25,000 worth of stuff.

i know its just material possessions, but its more the fact that its extremely violating to know someone has sifted through your things, and in some cases, broken them, and trashed them. please pray for my family, especially my mom and my younger sisters, because they are scared to death that these people are coming back, and aubrey is homeschooled so shes by herself here on a fairly regular basis.

sorry to write so long, its been a crazy week.


Day Late. Dollar Short.

Happy freaking birthday, Snaps.


leslie + dave = wedding on july 1st

so i have officially been put in charge of making sure all of you end up at this glorious event. SO july 1st, 2006 in felton (cant remember the name of the place, more details to follow) is the date, and you are all invited and i would love it, as would my dad and soon to be step mother if you all came. so let me know ASAP. they need rsvps. i dont think they are sending out formal invites, so this is it.