Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


i just applied

just wanted to let everybody know... i am officially enrolled. let's just hope i get drafted. a little late - - - but now is better than never



Who got there email of return other than Fish and Myself?

Come back Smalls! Tell you what, I'll learn French if you want. It'll be just like Europe.

Married? No problem

Come on Chilly. Grab Tad and drag him up. If his job can't appreciate Day camp, then is that a place he really wants to work?


who loves crafts? anyone?

well i know i do. that's why i'm going back this summer as craft director.


bootie's getting bigger

as some of you know, our lovely bootielicous is turning 24 next tuesday. and theres nothing more she'd love to do than eat at rainforest cafe with her closest friends. so you're all invited. i know its quite the drive for you nor cal people, but theres nothing like a 8 hour car ride to show your love and devotion to someone.

now in regards to the disciminating picture. its clear as day that its just my shining personality coming out on camera. im not sure who's trying to frame me as less than perfect (whats up gator) but its just not true. i mean come on, i wouldnt touch that stuff with a ten foot pole. havent we all been watching the TRUTH commercials on tv? welcome to crazy land people.


Vote For Pedro

So the whole freaking Napoleon Dynamite thing has trickled out of the independent film houses, down to the college crowd, and now all the way to my freshmen in the ghetto who are too young to know any better. Anyway, they know I'm pretty unimpressed by the phenomenon and take any opportunity to say "Gosh!" or "Idiot!". Anyway, I told one kid to cut it out or I'd call his mom (half joking half ready to knock him out) and a battle of wills escalated until I was on his cell talking to his mom. Mom thought I was joking, but I was serious. As I hung up, I was flushed with this super-potent mix of nostalgia and frustration and all I wanted was to see Spiff, so I could sock him in the nose.


P.S. Hi Smalls.

i miss you guys

just wanted to dop a little note to say that i miss you all. this is the time of year i start missing camp and wishing i could go back just one more time. but sadly trips to europe and hawaii have taken up most of my summer this year. life can be so cruel sometimes. :) i really do miss all of you people. cant wait to visit. i do have a joke those of you returning can use for sunny side. here you go.

why don't blind people sky dive?

because it scares the crap out of the seeing eye dog.

ok so probably not for sunnyside, but it got a laugh out of me.


Happy Valentine's Day

Have a wonderful night everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! 12 days until i'm back on US soil....



Teachers at my school have to staff two events per semester. Last semester I took down some plum duties -- basketball and volleyball -- but this semester math got last pick and I was stuck with two dances -- the longest and least desirable duties. Cripes. So I got a little dressed up and had to go to school on Saturday (making it "Saturday School" I guess), take tickets, and police the dance floor. Basically my job was to pull kids off each other and all that as the situation demanded it.

Questions and comments:

  • Will somebody please remix YMCA or kill it please. Couldn't believe they played that seventies two-stepper at an urban high school dance.
  • Not that thirty freshmen freaking to a couple of cabinet speakers and a smoke machine could really be considered a dance.
  • Oh right, so my job was to put an end to all the freaking, and for a while I was working real hard, like I was on commission, like the more kids I separated the better I was doing, but then I thought to myself, dang, I'm at school on a Saturday night. So I stopped 'cause I figured somebody should have been having fun.
  • No, seriously, by a show of hands: does anyone actually like YMCA. I've got this sneaking suspicion we're all just playing it because the class before us played it and no one actually enjoys it at all.
  • Okay, you there, this is getting ridiculous...

I spent most of the time walking around the action, watching the cool kids from afar, and thinking about how little I've come since my own high school dances.

That was last weekend. Today I saw Rudy, Spidey, and Andrew (youth staff '02) in Santa Cruz, which was much more fun.



Big news if you don't know

Splatt's getting hiched if you haven't heard yet. Yay for that!

And who's that in the back?
Oh hi Spiff, you made it in a picture!


Even in the cold

O.k. so my Mom and Grandma are at crafter's conference at Mount Hermon this weekend (Feb 4th-6th), and I go down to say hi. Afterward I head down to Day Camp and realize I would give up any warm meal in Bethany Cafe to sit in the cold at Sonics eating of all things, ice cream with my DC thugs (or thugettes).

Good friends, Good times, Good DVD?...sorry Gator,



and this is what i eat dinner to...! i feel soooo blessed! Posted by Hello

This is what I wake up to... : ) Posted by Hello


A driver under the influence news on Friday night a "driver under the influence" not quite a DUI ran a stop sign and turned left in front of me...hurting my little car and me. On top of it she was uninsured so now since I only had liability I have to take her to small claims court- fun! Ok so not so fun, so now I'm in the farm land of Canada with no vehicle and waiting and hoping and praying that God would provide something because I just don't have the funds right's been an adventure and wow I feel like this is such a downer after watching fish's super funny movie that my roommates and I laughed sooo much at! Other than that- Canada is well, and I am well. Love you!

can it be driven?

the little green machine

Chilly's finest

I can post pictures now! Who's scared? I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon.
-SpideyPosted by Hello


there is something i thought you all should see

my roomates and i did a promo-video for a church trip to mammoth. it is based off of a movie that many have liked, and it was recently posted on the internet. if you would like to see is the link. (wait till the end.... the embarassment is immense)

copy-paste your way to laughing at fish