Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Family Camp IV

A slightly longer edition. Well worth it, though. This week's highlights:
  • Montana and Gidget, late for work. Like old times.
  • Austin, the seven-year-old who's smarter than you.
  • Whozilla
  • Bro, instigating.
  • The Most Bizarre Raisins Skit I Have Ever Seen, and that's including all of Rudy's and my own Is-He-Wearing-Clothes-Under-That? rendition.
  • Jack Pearson, in his defining performance.


bible study skit....this is a few weeks old


New Update!

Hey guys
I don't have much time, but wanted to tell you all I went sky diving which is my worst fear ever! It was great and I think I wet myself. (falling) The other picture is just a little bit of this years day camp scav picture! I hope things are going great with you and I want to know how everyone is doing! Thanks for all your prayers during this summer! If you need any prayer we would love to pray for it! Fish we are Praying for you!!! love ya guys


I leave for Rhode Island today...

I'm making a 3 straight day intensive drive across the U.S. starting in about an hour. I'm shipping out to go work on the Senate campaign in Rhode Island, and it's going to be quite an experience. Please keep me in your prayers, and I will make sure to give you all a more detailed update as life progresses. Much love.

The name of the guy I'm working for is Sheldon Whitehouse. I'm going to go help try and make him a Senator. God help me.


Family Camp III

So I basically ignored all the suggestions from last week's feature. Keep 'em coming!

This week's highlights:
  • Chilly, embarrassed of herself on camera. Like old times.
  • Tad, in the background of the same shot just for Spidey's sake.
  • Nova, on the Megaphone Malfunction free time rotation.
  • Bro, on the Cruel & Unusual Punishment free time rotation.
  • Creach, at its same great time but new location.
  • Frodo, undergoing elective dermabrasion by a qualified plastic surgeon. ("genTLE!!" Ha ha ha.)
  • The resurrection of Gauntlet, a segment of the video that should never, under any circumstances, find its way into the hands of a parent or officer of Child Protective Services. Maverick does what he wants.
  • Dash, not even trying.
  • Frodo, stealing the dirtiest counselor award from Fiesta.


Summer Scav is in Effect

Last night at staff meeting I announced this week's activity, a scavenger hunt the likes of which MH has never seen, 11 pages long, 211 items strong, it's The Great Summer Scav of 2006. I started writing it in May and I'm really glad that part of the process is over.

Any doubts I had that people would get into its spirit were crushed when not a half hour after its release three guys started driving to Las Vegas and another girl started wondering where Abouché is.

I thought I'd post it here. If you've got the patience it's a really good time.


Family Camp II

For real this time.

Three segments that don't really connect up:

  • Who, demonstrating the best perk of directing Day Camp.
  • Daff, relating a story from the wedding's afterparty.
  • Who, Lark, Fish, and Jacob Huckabee, performing one of Day Camp's edgiest commercials ever. (Can someone explain in the comments what Jake's terms were?)


DC family

I just want to say:
1) this is my first time to post a blog. yeah me! :)
2) it was so good to see everyone at: a) day camp - how i miss day camp. last summer was one of the best summers ever. i miss you all dearly. so many great memories...the rules video, dance parties in the kitchen and laundry room, polar bearing 3 times in one day, driving at outrageous speeds to lake almanor, caving in to the Big Dipper challenge, my final skit nite...thanks to all who made last summer so memorable. i love you guys. and b) jav and jayber's wedding. congrats you two. the wedding couldn't have been more beautiful.
3) since i like never check the blog, i was doing a little catching up and happened across some birthday messages made on may 17. thanks guys, i feel loved. i especially like how it turned into a contest of who was scoring the most points and whatnot. ;) then i scrolled down just a bit and saw Who's announcement. Wow! i am so out of the much can happen in a year! congratulations Who! i am so excited for you!
well i love you guys and can't wait till next time i see you...whenever that may be...

Just wanted to drop a line and say how great it was seeing all of you who were able to come to the wedding today. I am gonna try to get down to the herm in a couple weeks when I have a day off. I'll keep everyone update, I have a busy week of moving and work ahead of me, but I'm really hoping some scheduling works out and I can make it down there soon. Hope everyone made it back alright.
-Sushi (matt)


Fourth of July Family Camp

Can't even tell you how many people think this is Family II, but there it is people!!! This is also the week that Fish decided to stop by, but you won't see any of his donkey-boy antics on here. Just a few highlights from Monday morning:
  • Er ... Spiff?
  • Timmy, the most awkward third grader in the world.
  • Passports, the new hoop Day Camp must jump through this summer. Daff stamps one about 20 seconds in.
  • Jake Huckabee. Yeah. Jake's back.
  • Mylea, this week's confused camper.
  • Spiff dragging Bruin into the creach.