Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Okay, so i haven't really written in a long time and it seems that a lot has happened since i "left". I come in the middle of a war with everyone at daycamp. Things never change :-). Well, as everyone knows i am like switzerland, neutral. I will not join sides and watch like an on-looker at a sporting event. Very exciting but i know that i can't play the game. Anyways, in my life right now it is vacation. I am at the christmas conference in San Diego and am loving it. Sad news but probably not too much news, I am not going to the beloved reunion. I am very sad but with the situation of the season I am not able to make it to the event. I am very sad about that but I can do nothing to be able to go. Today is actually my birthday and it doesn't really feel any different. I guess they never do but I am not with my family so it is a little sad (I am not going for simpathy points, Promise). I am having a wonderful birthday though. That is not the reason for missing the reunion. The main reason is because my sister is turning 21 on the 31st and I will be going to LA with my entire immediate family to have a nice dinner on the 31st and go see Les Miserables, which is a surprise for my sister. I am very excited but i would have loved to see you guys. Hopefully I can see you guys in the near future. I do hope that all of you have a wonderful continuing christmas break and an incredible and awesome reunion. Please someone must tell me all about it so that i can be jealous of everything that the Day Camp staff got to do together without me. I hope to hear from each one of you. Missing all of you (or at least most of you)
-Joseph Earle Cabalka


Sorry to put a damper on the message board. But I need some support and honest prayer. Long story short, I’m having a hard time with school. In my more recent dealings with the loan process, I almost found myself a victim of identity theft. I’m finding that this is draining mentally and spiritually. Thanks guys.

with love,




I would just like to say that it is an honor for me to have Bruin use my account. You all wish you were that lucky.
Love almost always,


Merry Christmas

Well its Christmas, I don’t know about you, but I made out like a bandit! How much bootie did you guys bring in? Favorite gifts? Mine was spider-man bubble bath. But it wasn’t the bubble bath that did it for me. It had a spider-man with suction cups, (going on my car window)!

Now I know that Gator and Fish hate Bruin. And although I feel the peer pressure to do the same, I cant. I know why they friken hate her, but through her charm and sweet nature she has won me over. Sorry guys the DCM is divided on that one.

Bruin, I don’t hate you.


P.s. Now fish can start with the wussie shout outs.


Ok... i think i have a side...

Let me explain by saying that This "fight" is just another reason why i miss all of you soo much... ANd why we have this blog. Because no one else cares....

But, although i do agree with the Burt/Gator Statement "Don't believe Fish's Lies" because i myself warned many DC staffers of that... i doubt it ever stuck. Gator, you must be devastated that no one believes you....

So with that said:

As much as Fish is a liar... I know that Gator is an evil scheming tall guy who twiddles his thumbs waiting for oppurtunities to throw his shoe at our tires, or Throw our waterbottles down Dorm Hill, or body check us against a craft table at downstairs Hockey...

SO Fish, on this battle i believe your "lies"

team win wins again.

(happy spidey?)


My room is scattered like my thoughts Posted by Hello

Kinda long-ish

Staring at two full weeks of Very Little To Do, yesterday, I finally had the option of working on some Day Camp-related DVD material. I waded through the 2300-give-or-take-a-few-hundred photos I'd taken last summer to find a selection I'd like to include in a slideshow and it was a pretty powerful experience. I was reminded of all the exceptionally cool outtings, sure -- Fourth of July at Bruin's, Dinner in Monterey, Dessert w/ Tuesday's Parents, Camping, Breakfast during Train Day (you know what I'm talking about), Furbs' Wedding -- but did you know that over the course of a summer, we all plunged up and down about as emotionally high and low as anyone can go, and we did it mostly alongside strangers? Even though approximately 1000 of the 2300 were unfocused or exposed poorly, it was like I got to do the whole thing over again, which convinced me that if I find myself tugged away from Day Camp next year, it will not be without a great deal of sadness and an extended battle with alcoholism.

Nostalgia off. Usual churlishness on.

So this was fun. I narrowed down the 2300 photos to 281 which will eventually be taken down to around 100 photos for primary slideshow placement, but for reference, I noted in a chart how many times each of you appeared in the photos. The results were rather revealing and you can infer what you want from the results, but two things I promise: a) if your photos were eliminated in this first round draft, it wasn't because you ruined them. Seriously. The color balancing was probably off in all of them; and b) it's a given that all of you girls will think you look "gross" in all of your pictures so let's skip it, 'kay? Here's the ranking plus a couple of suggested titles:

Now Just How Popular Were You At Day Camp? or Camera Whores
  1. Spiff - 35
  2. Gator - 31
  3. Spidey - 31
  4. Who - 31
  5. Bruin - 27
  6. Fish - 26
  7. Tuesday - 24
  8. Rudy - 22
  9. Frodo - 19
  10. Scout - 17
  11. Disco - 14
  12. Chilly - 13
  13. Snorts - 13
  14. Montana - 10
  15. Crush - 9
  16. Lark - 9
  17. Smalls - 7
  18. Bug - 5
  19. Corker - 5
  20. Shaggie - 4
  21. Critter - 3
  22. Muppet - 3
  23. Chachi - 2
  24. Flip - 2
  25. Furbs - 2
  26. Fuzz - 2
  27. Kristen (Kristin?) - 2
  28. Who's Brother - 2
  29. Bruce - 1
  30. Jack - 1
  31. Snapjack - 1
  32. Steve Boutry - 1
  33. Tuesday's Brother - 1
  34. Wormie - 1

I miss you guys. Even Fish.



Howdy Ho!

Hey you guys...

I'm now "in" on the whole blog thing. Blog sounds like an electronic schindig of sorts...hmmm. Thanks Gator, I am forever in debt to your not-so-subtle superiority and craftiness. Nice blogs guys, but I would expect a little more cohesivity from such an exemlary group. Anyways, as of January 8, 2005 I will be a So-Cal boy in San Diego @ Point Loma for school. I just happened to get in the ground floor of the dorm on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I can't wait; every day of forgetting my books I'll have to walk back to my dorm...and the Ocean. It's safe to say I'm stoked. By the way, I side with Fish on the whole argument previously mentioned. Not because he's right, but because I've never agreed with him before and I want to see what it's like being on the loser team. Is that as painful of a blog as you guys expected from me?

Spiff (aka "the man" {when nobody else is around})

Ongoing turmoil

Look, I don't want to get into a debate of he said / she said, 'cause it'd be mostly fruitless. I just want to remind the group of the immortal words of Burt, a director far more experienced and wiser than I: "Don't believe Fish's lies."

And if I know the American justice system (and I think I do), the burden of proof is on Fish with this trial. And I for one will need a great deal of convincing before Fish's words, hurtful and profane as they were, relinquish their hold on my subconscious.



all i have to say is some people have a little bit of a vengance issue

first.... GATOR IS LYING about the comment I supposebly made. Interrogate him if you will, but trust that it did not happen -- and in phone conversations to me he related that he was excited to bring up attacks against me to see if he could "turn the board against me." so spidey you have no reason to be hurt because nothing of the sort was said. however, i still appreciate your extended arms of forgiveness if i had done something wrong -- that was sweet of you. I speak the truth.

second... congrats to all that are in the poster thing. i had my time in the limelight and nothing has been hurt as a result of me not returning to it (interesting i think it was gator that made the post directed at me as a "loser" of sorts. that is definately not the type of thing somebody would do if they were trying to rally people against someone... or is it? hmmmmm)

love coming from me but not coming back

Gator=Satan's child (except satan's kid would have probably been a little bit better looking.)


i'm back

hey you all i am happy to say that i am safe and sound in northern california far far away from canada and canadians-will i see you soon? i fourteen days

Summer Staff Brochures

The 2005 summer staff brochures hit the mailbox today and from the selected photos, a couple of things are clear:

The Big Winners: Lark, Rudy, and Snorts.
The Big Losers: Fish


Mom, Dad don't fight

So Gator did Fish use the #*%^ in front of day camp or in back. Because if it was in back he could have said "...Day Camp, #$^* " . Which from this Spidey's point of view could have been an accident. He could have hit his thumb with a hammer directly after saying day camp. I'm just trying to be objective. However with objectivness comes the other side. In which point, Fish I have one question. What did the DC do to make you say such a statement?
And if thats the case then you should admit your sin and be welcomed back with open arms. Then we'll kill the fattend calf and have a feast!

Just remember Fish, Jesus knows.....
And I think Gator does too.



ok... i'm with spidey

spidey... i do believe that you and I are both in the dark on this one. if i could remember what gator was speaking of I would tell. promise. maybe he shall enlighten us

and i knew you were going to go there with the body proportion thing

bruin - don't you have your own account that you could post from. just curious i guess

this is super

Maybe Its just me and I didnt catch it.

If thats the case then just humor me.

what did fish say about day camp?



this guy told me told me....

I know this guy. He is a nice guy.... ok well not really, but he's kind of nice in his own way. This guy has found a way to purge his soul of every final he ever took by passing that pain along to others. YES - he makes others take finals... and grows stronger by the pain it causes them. His sadistic tendencies and willingness to exploit the weak might characterize him as evil - - but alas, he's funny every once in a while, and so I like him. Guess who?


take that you (*insert expletive here*)... huh.... "why don't you tell them what you said about day camp fish?" what was that?... i couldn't quite hear you... one more time? i'm sorry you're trailing off
- shove it homeboy

p.s. i like the site lark

p.p.s. finals suck

p.p.p.s. two weeks and two days until the glorious reunion



it's live up and running..... see for yourself, and i am not back in the country!


Go on, Fish...

...why don't you tell everyone what you said about Day Camp today?


freakin' canucks.....we miss you here in America Larky. I hope the remainder of your trip is horrible - - - - I mean awesome. All I'm saying is that you had better be at New Year's