Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Kinda long-ish

Staring at two full weeks of Very Little To Do, yesterday, I finally had the option of working on some Day Camp-related DVD material. I waded through the 2300-give-or-take-a-few-hundred photos I'd taken last summer to find a selection I'd like to include in a slideshow and it was a pretty powerful experience. I was reminded of all the exceptionally cool outtings, sure -- Fourth of July at Bruin's, Dinner in Monterey, Dessert w/ Tuesday's Parents, Camping, Breakfast during Train Day (you know what I'm talking about), Furbs' Wedding -- but did you know that over the course of a summer, we all plunged up and down about as emotionally high and low as anyone can go, and we did it mostly alongside strangers? Even though approximately 1000 of the 2300 were unfocused or exposed poorly, it was like I got to do the whole thing over again, which convinced me that if I find myself tugged away from Day Camp next year, it will not be without a great deal of sadness and an extended battle with alcoholism.

Nostalgia off. Usual churlishness on.

So this was fun. I narrowed down the 2300 photos to 281 which will eventually be taken down to around 100 photos for primary slideshow placement, but for reference, I noted in a chart how many times each of you appeared in the photos. The results were rather revealing and you can infer what you want from the results, but two things I promise: a) if your photos were eliminated in this first round draft, it wasn't because you ruined them. Seriously. The color balancing was probably off in all of them; and b) it's a given that all of you girls will think you look "gross" in all of your pictures so let's skip it, 'kay? Here's the ranking plus a couple of suggested titles:

Now Just How Popular Were You At Day Camp? or Camera Whores
  1. Spiff - 35
  2. Gator - 31
  3. Spidey - 31
  4. Who - 31
  5. Bruin - 27
  6. Fish - 26
  7. Tuesday - 24
  8. Rudy - 22
  9. Frodo - 19
  10. Scout - 17
  11. Disco - 14
  12. Chilly - 13
  13. Snorts - 13
  14. Montana - 10
  15. Crush - 9
  16. Lark - 9
  17. Smalls - 7
  18. Bug - 5
  19. Corker - 5
  20. Shaggie - 4
  21. Critter - 3
  22. Muppet - 3
  23. Chachi - 2
  24. Flip - 2
  25. Furbs - 2
  26. Fuzz - 2
  27. Kristen (Kristin?) - 2
  28. Who's Brother - 2
  29. Bruce - 1
  30. Jack - 1
  31. Snapjack - 1
  32. Steve Boutry - 1
  33. Tuesday's Brother - 1
  34. Wormie - 1

I miss you guys. Even Fish.



Blogger Spiffer said...

Good choice of rankings, I agree wholeheartedly.

11:00 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

And the award of "Camara Whore" goes too....

7:43 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

who's jack?

7:47 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

Come on Spidey..... WHO IS JACK.... only the love of your velcro and waltzing life!!!

Any way.... THe last photo reminded me of how much i don't believe anything thing Frodo says again ever.... his goodness has been tainted.....

10:28 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

In my years at day camp this is a common thing. ie. "your brothers?", "thats a bee?", "fish is a dude?".

For almost 4 years and I've lived them all down. Now I have commited the most horrable of them all.

"jack who?"

I should hang up my velcro and never waltze again.

12:08 PM


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