Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


this guy told me told me....

I know this guy. He is a nice guy.... ok well not really, but he's kind of nice in his own way. This guy has found a way to purge his soul of every final he ever took by passing that pain along to others. YES - he makes others take finals... and grows stronger by the pain it causes them. His sadistic tendencies and willingness to exploit the weak might characterize him as evil - - but alas, he's funny every once in a while, and so I like him. Guess who?


take that you (*insert expletive here*)... huh.... "why don't you tell them what you said about day camp fish?" what was that?... i couldn't quite hear you... one more time? i'm sorry you're trailing off
- shove it homeboy

p.s. i like the site lark

p.p.s. finals suck

p.p.p.s. two weeks and two days until the glorious reunion


Blogger Christopher said...

Hey ga... er mystery tall man. (smooth fish real smooth)

Anyway, some tips on how to get others to do your finals for you would be nice. Hey wait, I dont have any finals sweet.

serious though, share the love,


ps. another quality post for the ages!

9:06 PM

Blogger Tuesday said...

Hey Fisher
Man up!!! Don't think your complex diction or deflection of attention onto Gator is going to make us let it go. So what'd you say about Day Camp Fish?
-this is from Bruin not Tuesday

3:24 PM

Blogger Gator said...

Sure, I enjoy giving finals. Every final I give erases the memory of a final I've taken until they're all part of a comfy haze.

Sure, I could be reasonably accused (during finals week) of unchecked sadism.

Sure, my body is freakishly allocated. (Not that I hear your mom complaining, Fish.)

But I would never be as calloused, cold, and profane with the memory of Day Camp as Fish was a couple weeks ago. So go on, Fish. Honesty's good for the soul



5:23 PM


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