Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Two rather important annoucments- now don’t get too excited I’m definitly not engaged…I’m a bit far from that occurring anytime soon. However I just posted my very first web page- there is really nothing to it, it’s just an image for now, but soon very soon there will be so much more! Put, on your favorites.
My second bit of news is for those of you that find yourself awake from the hours of I think 3am-7am west coast time on Saturdays, I have my own deal on the radio yeah I’m an announcer- that’s right “Hi this is Andrea at CHRI 99.1 FM….” It’s been on for about a month now, and yes it’s difficult to sit in a room and pretend you are talking to someone- and NO I don’t get to pick the music that is played on this Christian Station...but it’s still fun nonetheless. So you too can join the listeners in Canada’s capitol and listen online at .
School is becoming crazy, I’ve never gone to the library as much as I have these past few weeks as I have in my entire life…but life is good, I’m missing the US like no other- I wish Canadian’s celebrated American Thanksgiving…alas, sigh, a small tear runs down my cheek- maybe my housemates and I will do something. Can’t wait till New Years- love you- lark


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