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The Whole Story...

Here I am. It's been a while since i have talked with my favorite staff of all... and those i haven't called or written back too... I will...

As I am sure some of you have heard, and some of you I've told, and some of you just might assume...

But Tad and I are getting married. He gave me the rock. Sorry to the DC Boys, but... Tad is indeed mine. So, you can all stop pinning after his hottness. I have pictures, but i'm not sure how to post.

Gator said he wanted the story...

SO I currently live on Balboa Pennisula (Two steps from the beach) so Tad came and visited just about sunset. ANd though We have made many trips to the beach, it was our first sunset. While my roommate and her boyfriend hid in a lifeguard tower with cameras and video, Tad walked me past and stopped and got on one knee. Since I refused believe what he was doing ( like the boy who cried wolf), i repeatedly told him to get up and to knock it off... but when I looked into those green eyes, and he pulled out a platinum solitaire .5 carat Tiffany's Setting ring... i knew he was serious.

yes i cried.
yes we kissed.
yes everyone knew about it except for me. (family, roommates and even goliath)

So get out your planners and sharpie in June 25, 2005 - Chilly Wedding. Start the caravan lists now. Get the new staff to fill in for Sunday School that weekend & pack your bags for a weekend in Bakersfield!


Blogger Gator said...

June 25...lessee...that leaves just seven months to break this thing up and steal Tad...gonna have to work fast. I mean: congrats Chilly, you dear unsuspecting thing!

6:12 AM


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