Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


things are good

I know spelling will suck so stuff it.

you know that sad post i left last. well forget about it. so many things are going good for me. I know i sound like a blind optimist but how god can turn things around so fast is amazing. I have the coolet job ever. I build and install kitchens. Let me tell you I have never made so much money. I make in 3 day what I used to make a round table in a month. the fam. sicuation is good. I took my grandma out to a nice italian restarant, I wore a suit and tie and she wore a nice dress. I think it was the best gift i have ever givin. we had so much fun. I cant wait for school. I'm so jazzed.
and it seems I get a day camp fix every month. ie: Sep. hisp. camp
Oct. Six Flags (in two days woo whooo) Nov. Thanksgiving Dec. New Years.....Then off to school.

I cant express how much you all mean to me,


ps. also smallville is on tonight wooooo whoooooo!!!


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