Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Capitol City

Hey everyone, I'm currently supposed to be writing a paper on Newbigin and Niebhur- I however cannot muster up the courage to keep working so here am I writing in my first BLOG ever. It's been about (aboat) three weeks that I've been here in Ottawa, Ontario after a red eye flight to Chicago a four hour layover I arrived in this wonderful city. I have nineteen roommates/housemates 3 of which are my roommates. So far I have traveled around a bit to Quebec City which is a walled city (French Speaking- Bruin :) went to an Expos game in Montreal- it will be my first and last...
Rather than working on Parliment Hill- I opted for something different so I'm interning at CHRI 99.1 ( the first Christian Radio in Canada... I honestly was a little hesitant about Chrisitan Radio but it's been great! I've been editing syndicated programs, working on commercials, reading books for author interviews (on-air) my first on is with the author of The Sunday Philosophy Club, Alexander Mc something he's scottish. It's been an awesome place to work the only downside is I have to commute and ride a bus- this has been the first time I've ever rode a bus so it's been very interesting.
Ok, so living in a city is awesome and not being dependant on a car is even better...I love that I can walk everywhere 5 min to a grocceries, 10 Parliment Hill, 15min to the mall, everything is so close. I love it here it's been such a great experince...I had a pretty rough start- but I can only go up from where I was. I miss summer so much, I've done some lawnchants in the house trying to explain them, but I normally get things thrown at me. Love You all dearly! -




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