Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


News From The O.C.

So i know that a few of you are down here, so don't get shy. 
   I just moved into my beach house on Saturday.  After much unpacking and decorating, it finally feels like home.  Minus all the Tourists trying to steal my parking spots! 
  And this week is dedicated to a large job hunt.   But, i guess that those years at Day Camp and aren't going to pay my rent for too long, and apparently a D.C. Team Leader and working the Gate at College Basketball games aren;t the best preperation for a job.     So i guess pray that i find a Job.  soon.  before my next rent check preferably.
I too am interested in knowing how everyone is doing!  Oh -  Snorts and Scout, If you were wondering i do have the Pool in the backseat of my car....     
  and Tuesday and Who and Fish and Crush and any other DC So calers...   lets hang out.   thats it.

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