Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


It's Tuesday

So I've sort of been waiting for a Tuesday to post, just because I'm kind of cool/lame like that. It's also been a good excuse for me to wait for something exciting to happen so that then I would actually have something extra-ordinary to say. Although I'm afraid that the life changing excitement has been a little wanting, in a good way though. Life has just been happening. When people ask me when/where I have a class I don't know why but I have an abnormally hard time remembering, and I get that "do you even go to school here?" look, which I didn't even know was a specific look until recently, but trust me it is. Good news though, somehow I do make it to class, I'm not sure how, I just kinda end up there.

I just got my pictures back yesterday. Of the very few pictures that I did take this summer, my favorite is this one of Chilly, Bruin and Scout all sitting on a couch in upper Birch working on their beanies. Well, Scout was working on his, obviously not to be bothered, either that or he just wanted an action shot. Chilly and Bruin have this "look at me, I made it by myself with only a little help from Lark" grin. It really is precious. Scout, I hope you wear it with pride, you earned it boy!

Random thing I find myself missing the most: four-square

This seems like a very inadequate representation of my life, please just make something funny up and insert right here. I'm sure it wont be too hard.
Oh! To help you out, this purely fictional story must include a good looking senior of the male variety, lunch at the caf, and only one nectarine left.


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