Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Remember that little tidbit I gave you last season about Dan Meyer (relation still undecided - could quite possibly be the same tyrannical Dan Meyer we all know and Tuesday loves), pitching prospect for the Oakland A's? Well, here's the new deal: Dan has graduated from AAA ball to the Show - that's right, the Big Leagues. I just thought I'd give you a few tasty nibbles about his performance last year, what the A's are doing with him in spring training, and what his position will be with the club this year.

First, from Mychael Urban, national writer for

"Dan Meyer, who was hurt much of last season, [is] being handled with kid gloves [by the A's]."

Not really surprising. Dan's always been a fragile sort of guy.

And, well, to be honest, that's really all there is about Dan in the news lately. Cheer up, kid - your big break'll come soon.


Funny Letters...

My Mom's 1st grade class wrote me letters on the computer thanking me for giving them The Giving Tree for Valentines day. She sent the notes but didn't correct the spelling. I found them to be hilarious, and I hope they remind y'all of the summer. Enjoy...

Dear Collie Fakx for the buk the Giving Tree

Dear Collie from Mia wen are you going to come back to acme elmentre School. I like the Giving tree it is a good Book to me I hope you cume back soon

Dear collie I no that you Like to read a Lot. Maddy

Der Collie I Am reding A LeveL 10 now And I can red chaptr BooKS from corrina to collie.

Daer, Collie theak you for The Giving Tree. Rowan

Collie I like you! To Collie from Emily

Dear Cllie I rele liked PE becuz it was fun. I hope you come back becuz you are funny.

Dear collie Thak yuw for the book (EF).

Taink you for the Givin chree. From noah to Collie

Der collie I have fun at soolw From corByN

Rico to Collie I like to play PE whith you Collie

LaRK DRe collie I like your BooK

JordyN Collie I hop yow r grat

To ColE you are a BEh FEND FuM BrittNEy


soo umm..

Seeing how well you guys praying for frodo worked, I figured I'd make a post. I got a call today from Peet's and had a phone interview and have a real interview wed. I'd like to have a job with an income and stuff, so if you guys are on speaking terms with Jesus, throw one up for me. please.

Also, the SB/LA trip is all twisted now. Basically, tomorrow I leave for SB, I am spending the night there, leaving the next day for LA, staying the night and then going back to SB for a couple nights. So I'll definitely have time to see people who are in SB. I am down to meet up with anyone in LA and I can call you once I am down there and tell you where I am. Just meeting for coffee or something would be great. My number is 5103010450 for any of you who feel like calling me. I do believe I have all of you who previously left a message, but you can repost em just to make sure.


edit: we're staying in the silver lake/hollywood area. iunno where that is, then again, i have no idea where anything in socal is. here's to hoping you guys not only know where that is, but also live there.

He knows it.

martinelli's sparkling cider: $3.00
sitting next to kristen: $ free dollars
blue-collar haircut: $10.00
wedding attire: $ questionable
constantly getting booed off of skits for "revealing" costumes and "questionable" behavior: priceless


Interviews Part II

So it's official, I just found out I landed the aforementioned job and internship!!! I am very exciteb but I just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers. You guys rock.

Dr. Do


who knew...?

its been awhile since i checked in, and i just couldn't contain myself any longer. i recently stumbled upon a picture online of our dear friend, sushi. apparently, he has been hitting the big time with his music... as humble as he is, he didn't want any of us to know!

apparently he was motivated by this old instant messenger conversation...

thexradioxdied: what, do you want me to be the next jack?
thexradioxdied: is that what you want
thexradioxdied: just pick me up some suspenders
xalexandrameganx: please
thexradioxdied: i'm game
xalexandrameganx: yesssss
thexradioxdied: and a banjo
thexradioxdied: and some other weird things
xalexandrameganx: i'll see what i can do
thexradioxdied: thanks
thexradioxdied: you can be my manager
xalexandrameganx: that would make my life
thexradioxdied: awesome
xalexandrameganx: we're set
thexradioxdied: ummm...does jack make money?
xalexandrameganx: oh yeah
xalexandrameganx: the big bucks
thexradioxdied: nice


let the visiting begin

So I was supposed to head to Chico tomorrow, but that fell through, so no visiting you folks up there. I do have a semi-set schedule for coming to so-cal though. Next thursday, my friends and I are driving to Santa Barbara for the night and prolly some of the next day. Imma be staying in IV, I won't really have a car, so I'll have to find a way to meet up with any of you who want to. Then, on friday we're heading strait to LA. I am not sure where we're staying. I think it's still kinda up in the air. All I know is we'll be there from friday night till monday morning. I totally want to meet up with whoever I can, just know I am not taking my car and I doubt my friend will let me take his out to go and visit people. So hopefully we can find somewhere to meet up. Let me know if next weekend is good for you guys and when and where we can meet up. Cheers,


I'm here to promote single awareness.


Serious, What's everyone's status for the summer?

Post for others if your sure.

My understanding is

For sure's

Kinda for sure's


Hiring Pending

I wish

I may be wrong, but I think this is close to everyone's thoughts from what I have heard. If it's different say so and if you know of anyone else's status that dosn't post.



sooo umm yeah

well i've been up for 24 hours...just now heading to bed. yesterday before beginning to finish an 80 page deadline I went to the bookstore and picked up this which definitly made my long hours a little more plesant a duo core intel deal...all paid for by student fees- and having the largest budget. computer's aside- and summer's ahead who is returning to the mount? lark may be returning to the nest- if i'm not doing relief work anywhere.



So check it out...I would appreciate some prayers because tomorrow I have not one but TWO interviews. One is for a part time job at a christian bookstore, which would be nice, but the other one is for an internship at E.V. Free Fullerton. It's a 400 hour internship, and I would really love to work at E.V. Free. So, prayers are cool. Love y'all


Religious Themes in Cinema

So guys, it's Friday night and guess where I am- Class
That's right Religious Themes in Cinema- thankfully it's my last class, in fact this is the last class of my undergraduate degree. I'll throw some movie's out for you film buffs: The Sacrafice , Stalker, Dekalog , Trios couleurs: Rouge and a few others- so I'm sure I'll sound so un-academic but seriously watching six hours of films in Russian sometimes can make you want to poke your eyes out. Tonight is the first night that we were allowed to talk about "Hollywood" films. Well we're talking about the rating systems and the differences between Canada and the US. Well, I'm so bored but I suppose I should pay a litle more attention- peace out


Magic Kingdom vs. New Kingdom

Being in college I have the time to ask myself “Why” more so than the 9 to 5’er gets to. A question I have been asking myself as of late is; “why I’m not totally burnt out on Day Camp after 4 years”. If one looks at it logically it’s easy to see why I should be. You all know the story. Week after week it’s more of the same thing. It’s monotonous, especially in August!

Take heart oh reader this gets better!

Some of you may remember a similarity statement I made last summer about Day Camp in regards to its effect on people.

(This effect I speak of is that “magical feeling” one gets while in the employ or (I suppose) a visit to Day Camp in the summer months that gets one motivated to suffer through 90-something kids in such an “in your face” environment.)

Digressing back to the similarity statement I made, stating that Day Camp has the same effect as Disneyland. (Keeping in mind of course that some of our so-cal counselors may have visited Disneyland and have “gotten over” this effect. I however am speaking for myself and my own experiences.) I started to explore this “effect”. Not wanting to deem Day Camp with such a new age term as “magical” I started to look to a miracle aspect of this motivating force.

Some of you may also remember a statement that Leslie made during a couple of her divos in which she said, “…day camp is a little piece of heaven on earth…”. Then my brain made a connection! What if Day Camp is not a Christian facsimile of the Magic Kingdom but of the New Kingdom?

Think about it! When miracles are performed, it is only a small example of what is to come on the Day of Christ. A reality of no pain and suffering. What if that “feeling” you get is that of a taste of the New Kingdom, where all pain is gone and we live our new lives in an euphoric praising of our Lord in not only our voices….BUT OUR ACTIONS!

What I’m trying to get at is that Day Camp may in itself BE a miracle. Just think of your closest time with one of you most loved ones (other than your family). A time when you felt so spiritually and emotionally connected that you feel like you and that/those person(s) have a love for each other that will never end. That memory is just a small taste of what is to come in our new bodies in the kingdom. I don’t know about you but I have many of those times with you guys, my fellow counselors.

What the coolest thing is however, is the fact that we have 90-something kids that get the same feeling each week. I think it’s awesome that we can be involved in such a wonderful experience for the children.

So next time you have to do a beaded flower, remember what’s to come and where you are.


Happy Groundhog Day!

Six more weeks of winter. Blech. Don't they give you any say in this, Spiffer?



DC Spotter #5

It's Wednesday, I'm sick, and needing some diversion from work today. Guess early and often.

a) Which two counselors are featured in this photo?

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