Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Magic Kingdom vs. New Kingdom

Being in college I have the time to ask myself “Why” more so than the 9 to 5’er gets to. A question I have been asking myself as of late is; “why I’m not totally burnt out on Day Camp after 4 years”. If one looks at it logically it’s easy to see why I should be. You all know the story. Week after week it’s more of the same thing. It’s monotonous, especially in August!

Take heart oh reader this gets better!

Some of you may remember a similarity statement I made last summer about Day Camp in regards to its effect on people.

(This effect I speak of is that “magical feeling” one gets while in the employ or (I suppose) a visit to Day Camp in the summer months that gets one motivated to suffer through 90-something kids in such an “in your face” environment.)

Digressing back to the similarity statement I made, stating that Day Camp has the same effect as Disneyland. (Keeping in mind of course that some of our so-cal counselors may have visited Disneyland and have “gotten over” this effect. I however am speaking for myself and my own experiences.) I started to explore this “effect”. Not wanting to deem Day Camp with such a new age term as “magical” I started to look to a miracle aspect of this motivating force.

Some of you may also remember a statement that Leslie made during a couple of her divos in which she said, “…day camp is a little piece of heaven on earth…”. Then my brain made a connection! What if Day Camp is not a Christian facsimile of the Magic Kingdom but of the New Kingdom?

Think about it! When miracles are performed, it is only a small example of what is to come on the Day of Christ. A reality of no pain and suffering. What if that “feeling” you get is that of a taste of the New Kingdom, where all pain is gone and we live our new lives in an euphoric praising of our Lord in not only our voices….BUT OUR ACTIONS!

What I’m trying to get at is that Day Camp may in itself BE a miracle. Just think of your closest time with one of you most loved ones (other than your family). A time when you felt so spiritually and emotionally connected that you feel like you and that/those person(s) have a love for each other that will never end. That memory is just a small taste of what is to come in our new bodies in the kingdom. I don’t know about you but I have many of those times with you guys, my fellow counselors.

What the coolest thing is however, is the fact that we have 90-something kids that get the same feeling each week. I think it’s awesome that we can be involved in such a wonderful experience for the children.

So next time you have to do a beaded flower, remember what’s to come and where you are.



Blogger Spiffer said...

Awesome Spidey. I wanna hear more of your thoughts as you explore the mysteries around us that many of us never even pause to question. Well said! Truly a miracle. : )

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