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back from new orleans

hello people, more like like hello spidey who is all over this page. i had such a great time seeing you guys at new years, and for those of you who weren't there you were missed suckers!!!! totally joking! anyways so i got back sunday morning and am still swallowing up everything that was there....but really i just wanted to ask for your while we were there we had the privilage of doing contruction and gutting out of houses and the pastor had a neighbor named cheryl and her brother who is a druggy dropped of his beautiful triplets on christmas day and never came back- lord willing he will nevr come back. their names are alex, alyssa, and alexis and they are 3 years old and they captured my heart and we had the honor of babysitting them for her that week so she could get stuff done...these kids have been though crap. everything form physical abused (they were locked in basements and not fed) to sexual abuse to the point where the girls have been completely sewn up because of the damage done to them, not only done, by their parents, but their effing grandparents and friends of their parents. loving them is pretty much all i wanted to do and was able to do, but being back here is killing me. please pray for their protection, for their hearts, cheryl is trying to get custody over them but it is a weris situation and at any time the parents could come back and take them back to all the crap. we are helping here here try to find a social worker, and doing what we can....but if you could just please pray, their aunt is a christian and she loves the Lordand wants to protect these kids. anyways......thanks for those of you who prayed for me....lark i owe you a call, sushi i owe you san fran...and disco i owe you a call as well.


Blogger Chilly said...

great pictures nessa. love those kids. they are the cutest thing. it breaks my heart to hear these stories. and i know you loved them more than they've ever been loved in a long time. you make jesus proud. he's gonna take care of it.

3:46 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I second chilly's comment. It's totally beyond me how people can be so evil and in the process drag a child into it. How can people justify that in their minds? How sad.


6:24 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

I'm missing Mississippi, I'll bet you have at least a thousand stories of the things God is doing over there in New Orleans. We'll have to catch up soon and talk about our trips, I think mine is really helping me figure out where my priorities should be. I hope all goes well with the 3x's, Rudy. Take care. With your eyes I'm sure God is showing you so much more than me through your trip. If you go again can I come?

1:13 PM

Blogger alexandra said...

venessa... made me tear up. that is THE saddest thing. thats amazing you went over there and loved them. God uses us in incredible ways. What a life changing trip...

4:06 PM

Blogger Lark said...

wow what a constant reminder of the need...i'm stoked God placed you there for such a time.

8:38 PM


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