Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Where did the last 7 years go?

I was taking some quiet time and found myself doing a retro-viewing of the Blog. I don't know if anyone reads this anymore but if you do I would just like to tell you how amazing the time I spent with you was. Day Camp was a huge deal for me for most of my life. I loved the smell of the Redwoods, the goldfish crackers with friends, the lanyards.... Wow.

I want to thank you all for your patience as I grew. Man we had fun. There were highs (post 4.01.2005) and lows (post 4.04.2006) just to name two of them. We all made many friends, dated some, married others...Wow.

I know you all have things that you would have never had if not for Day Camp. Hell, Fidget's and Burt's kids wouldn't even exist! To name some of mine:

1. I would have never gone to school at Bethany.
2. I would have never found my love for Video.
3. I would have never found my love for my major (Communication).
4. I would have never have lived in the Redwoods.
5. I would never have met DeeDee, and in effect been set up on a blind date with an amazing woman.

Just to name a very few...Wow.

What are some of yours?


P.s. Spideyland is a better song than 3 month summer. HA!