Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Gator, today I was looking at my brothers blog spot and i ran into his roommates site. His site is a alot of fun to look at, and I though you woould have a fun time looking at it. I like galleries 1 ,2 and 3. The site is

Its for everyone too if you like looking at pictures.



Next Summer

I talked with Roger today. Good news. Next summer will be the first that we will be using the Green Bridge above the Creach in 15 years. Get ready to get even more excited! Next summer will be premiering the boats. Which begs the question; what did we add in the activities rotation to replace boats?


sorry i havent written in so long. ive just been really busy at work. bootie and i have a lot of responsibilities and pretty much the coffee shop would close down without us. its a hard job, but someone has to do it. miss you people like crazy. i think new years is in santa cruz..thats the rumor im hearing.


Do you ever have one of those moments?

...where you say to yourself "all of my life from now until June should be bent on trying to come back next summer." I did. About 15 minutes ago I read Gator's post and used the link to explore his flickr account. Seeing pics from last year and this year really showed me that (1) I've grown up a bit, (2) DC is the best place on earth, (3) if I understood minute by minute how much I love you guys DURING the summer I would probably hug you guys without release, and (4) I never know when I'm going to long for something that is so far away. I haven't been calling or emailng because of the fear that DC floodgates may open and I may become emotionally unstable on the phone. I love you guys. I miss you guys. Life is good here, but it's always greener on the other side.

We won. 31-24.

My first play as a coach was a botched snap that flew over the quarterback's head into the running back's hands who ran it 80 yards for a touchdown. The rest of the game fell pretty closely along those lines. My assistant coaches (who, if you'll recall participated in this whole thing just to watch the rap video Furbs, Who, and I put together) were invaluable in keeping the whole thing from becoming too serious. At the end, the girls dumped a half-full water bottle over my head, a fight nearly broke out between two line-women, one of their fathers threatened to have me thrown in jail, and the opposing coach asked if I'd coach again next year.

Click on the picture to see the photoset.



Dear Family,

Hey guys!! I just wanted to say hi and give you all an updated picture of Kristin and I. Hope all is well and if you have any prayer request I would like to know so I can pray for you! If you get a chance just please keep Kristin and I in your prayers. Thanks and have a great day!

Don't worry, just give all your worries to God. If you don't then you are saying you don't trust God that he can take care of all your worries. You like to be trusted by others, right? Just a little thought I have been thinking about for a couple of weeks.


Boutiques in Bellingham

To Jav-
Kyle and I just wanted to inform you that there is a plethora of elequent boutiques located in the beautiful township of Bellingham. We were downtown today enjoying a lovely meal at one of the finest, most reputable establishments in all of the pacific northwest and saw these quant shops and thought of you. Oh yeah, there are a excrutiating amount of fine wineries, pubs, and eateries throughout the city.That way instead of traveling all the way to Paris, you can just come up here for your honeymoon and stay in casa de Jason e Kyle. We have the finest greenlandish leather davenport for you and your bride to have sweet sweet slumber. Think about it!
Love you,
Jason and Kyle

new category

is their a category called "way to kill the moment spidey" no i am joking, i love you spidey. so i just want to get a tally for who is working thanksgiving...and maybe if your not, what are you doing? cuz lets face it, you will most likely be eating better food than we are.


A little write up I did on my space. Enjoy!

Top 5 favorate movies in order, Aladdin, Sin City, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended edition, Sideways, Fight Club. Reasons, Aladdin- This is my ..1 for sure. Why? Out of all the characters out in the movies, Aladdin is the one that I would most want to be. He is someone that is good at what he is, but consistently strives to be something better. He has a "screw you" attitude to all the people trying to tell him he can't do it. However as nice of a guy that he is, Al still has his faults. I can identify with the fact that his self interested nature can get the better of him at some points, but in the end he is extremely self sacrificing. Sin City- Can I just say I love Marv! Coupled with the art of the movie, Marv takes me to a place where I’ve been. Yes, I had a blondi. (And yes I’m still a virgin!) So I know what drives Marv. And although his methods are a little…let’s say behind the times, (best line in the movie!), Marv has a sort of holy crusading motivation to get his job done. This is something I have an odd respect for. LOTR ROTK ex- I would like to note that I said extended not original theatrical. I did this very much on purpose. I think the extra scenes add so much to the plot line. (Enough anyway, to promote it to my top 5). I don’t really like the first two installments of the series. I find the characters unmotivated and shallow. Not till the third did my heart weep for the hobbits. To see them come of age at the end was a tear jerker for me. I also liked the “let’s not give in” attitude by most of the main characters. Sideways- First off it was funny as heck. I also have a theory that you can tell the wise from the unwise from people who have (wise) and have not seen (unwise) this movie. I’m not saying there is any correlation; I’ve just seen wisdom as a common attribute in people that have seen it. Anyway, I digress. Sideways had no good moral mission, and when broken down was nothing more that a 40 year old American Pie. Why do I like it? Can’t really put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s foreshadowing my future. Which one am I? If you still know me in 20 years I guess you’ll find out. Fight Club- To be short and to the point, I see Fight Club as a worthy adversary. I was so pissed that I didn’t see what was right in front of me the entire time. Good job on that one Fight Club, you got me! Fight club had such wonderful social characterization. To think that one (sorry two) person(s) could shape the world like that is amazing. I kind of want to be that kind of leader. To have such influence as to get members to fight to the degree they did so blindly is strangely respectable. Plus Fight Club was the first movie where I had the hots for the “bad girl”, which is not normally my first choice. >;>;Well there you have it. Honorable mentions are High Fidelity because it made me appreciate Streetlight Records a WHOLE lot more. And Rushmore, because I have a Rushmore of my own called Day Camp.


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I thought of you this week...

i get by with some help from my friends...

I leave in the morning for a 10 trip through Portugal, Spain and into Morocco for a day, all by myself. So if any of you don't mind tossing up a prayer for me during the next couple weeks, that'd be much appreciated. I've been traveling alone a bit thus far, but never to this degree, so I'm a little worried, but very excited at the same time. Thanks


look what "paid staff" gets me...

yes, thats me. in that freaking HOT blue dress. with the peace signs. and that yellow sign. yeah, thats what i get the big bucks for over here in granite bay, california to be on "paid staff" at bayside church. this was for our ministry fair (ummm, the theme was "get in the game" and we were 7o's bowling... which explains why we all look so hot. i'm good, but ridiculously busy. today was school (8-1:50), work at bayside (2-3), nannying (3-6) and church (7-9)... yeah. life... its a little overwhelming.

in addition... i got my hair done the other day (i know you all care) and... my hairdresser started teasing my hair... straight-up-meredith style. i'm attempting to avoid addiction. i'll keep you posted on that.


I'm drowning.

And it's by choice. Please tell me someone else shares my pain of late nights writing papers and stats. But other than that, I am kind of settled here in Pasadena. It's nice. You're welcome out to P-town. We have good frozen yogurt.

Poster Child?

So, I was asked to be in this photo shoot last year, and well you'll see for yourself...poster child

Watch Out! There is a Thief, walking among you.

I was in Target one night, having a nice night of shopping. I was about to buy my Jones soda when there was a small person fast as lightning, ran in front of me and stole my Jones soda. I was very upset and I started to cry. Can you help me? This person is small and the person was wearing a Day Camp jacket. But I don’t know what year it was. Could it be the year of 03 or 04 or 05?? The person was very fast and had to have big feet because they where very fast. It had to be the first time this person did a horrifying thing, because I could smell their fear of being caught. Can you help me out?

This is a True Event

uh huh, oh yeah, one more time: FRENCH STYLE

right after this some guy asked me some question in French and when I responded back in English that I don't speak French, he gave me this look and kinda snarled...maybe he was telling me to get off the thing I was standing on.


can anyone who is computer savvy help me please

My roomates and I all have iTunes, and frequently their music shows up on my computer through our shared internet connection. I know that there is a program in existence that would allow me to not only listen to their music, but actually pull the music from their computer and allow me to put it on my own. I think Jav is the one who originally told me about this. Could anyone tell me what this program is called and where I can get it for free? This would be amazing...thanks.


I'm going to see my Booty tomorrow

So this is my room. I know you can't see it but I decorated my bunk with the "Day Camp Crew" posters. So... That's it.


leave a comment now...or somthing?



So I was walking to the rec center yesterday and had to pass through Fairhaven (one of the dorm communities that is known for being a little out there) and I saw what I thought were some freshman attempting to play four-square. But oh no! They were actually playing with nine squares. It was so pathetic. I mean, common, who would play with nine squares. That's just ridiculous. Not to mention the squares were definetly not regulation size (way too small). There was no way I was going to waste my time, or if someone saw me my reputation, on that game. The point of the story is Day Camp four-square is awesome and Western nine-square is lame.


So I was asked to coach powder puff football. I hasten to point out that I was asked so that no one confuses me with the volunteering sort. I don't volunteer around school. For anything. But this sounded kind of fun, despite the fact that what I don't know about football could seriously injure somebody. It's a week of practice followed by a trip to the Superbowl.

But even funnier than the thought of coaching a sport I haven't seriously played since the days when a mailbox was a first down and defensive tackles had names like Chrysler and Honda has been my desperate attempts to connive some seniors into helping me assistant coach -- defensive coordinators, offensive coordinators, etc.

I found six who were interested and I began to wonder what the terms of our deal would be. I tossed an extra-credit package out on the line but I really hate to dilute my grades like that. Community service hours? Cash? Blood diamonds? I anticipated their demands.

And then someone told them I had a rap video.

After a day of faux stonewalling, of telling them there was no way I'd ever let that tape out into the public eye again, I "gave in."

"Okay," I said, "but if any of you miss a single practice, you're locked out of the screening room." We shook on it while other students tried to convince me of their absolute necessity to the team.

As a down payment, I had to tell them the meaning of my rap group's name, Notorious Z.F.G. I told them that Z stood for Ziggy, F for Furbs, and G for Gator. I wouldn't tell them which one I was, but I didn't have to.

"Gator! That's you," they said.

And I knew they were right.


it's like day camp got all sophisticated or something

I figured it was time I took a picture of me rocking the day camp jacket in front of there ya got it, right outside Parliament...maybe I'll bring the jacket with me to Paris tomorrow...maybe...


a little bit of canada

in order to make you feel like i've not fallen off the planet, i'm alive and well. well and very full because i just completed a weekend of canadian thanksgiving. canadians don't really know why they celebrate thanksgiving they just wanted to be like the USA so they made their own. It's a weekend celebration people have dinners all weekend long- i really don't know why but i've got to take thanksgiving while i can....since american will be spent sitting in class.

welcome to my house the girls i'm living with this year..

Let's cut off the fat

Quite frankly I don't understand the wars between the myspaces/xengas/flikrs/facebooks/ and cinemes. If we all joined with myspace and flikr then the others wouldn't be needed. Cause we know xenga is my space's retarded little sister. And as for face book....Well, Fish, you remember the south park where Cartman was yawning when Timmy was talking about his interview with the vice president for the kids news show? That’s kinda what facebook did for me.

In short:
myspace > xenga
snapfish < flikr


ps. The day camp blog and cineme have there place too.

pss. As for Jav's site, dude that's just neglect


Jim Crow, Yo! or: How to Gerrymander the Day Camp 'Blog.

So I'm all up for dichotimizing this here space. Gator, Rudy (I guess, is Flickr really real?): we gotta' join together as the real web folks. All you MySpace weirdos (and Fish, just cause you're only on facebook doesn't mean you're exempt) can suck eggs.

From now on:

MySpacers count as 2/3 of a person for all DC voting tabulation concerns.
Also, you can't drink out of the same fountains as us or ride in same aisles on the bus.

Calling All Who's...

Alright... now i know i am also guilty of this, but i think we need who on this blog. I've been doing some research, and Mr Abbas has opened another blog in his name for snowboarding. Don't you think he has the time to send us a little message? thats what i thought. by they way happy belated bday who i was in New Mexico last weekend.

(i'll be posting more often to get ready. and i'll call more people. swear. )



exciting news for me

I just wanted to let you all in on a bit of news from yesterday - I GOT A JOB! I know that this may not sound that exciting because lots of people have jobs, and I myself have worked in the past.... but for me this is different than working as a server at BJ's. I got a *PAID* position working part-time on the California Gubernatorial election for 2006. This is really exciting because it is basically the job I have been pining for since last year and it panned out - a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer. So I am going to be doing the suit & tie thing to work like 3 days a week for about 15 hrs.... I'm pumped.

Not that you necessarily would be interested - but if you are you can see the guy that I work for on his website:

Random Info: His name is Steve Westley and he is the current Controller for the State of California.

I'm really not making a plug so much as I am wanting to give you a potential window for learning about what I am going to be spending a lot of time doing this next year. You can also check to make sure that I haven't sold my soul to the dark side of Democratic politics (oops....forgot to mention that he is a Democrat - - a moderate one - - - but a Democrat - - yipee!)

That is all..... things are going well down here in LA and it is fun to continue to hear from you guys. Take care.


In San Luis Obispo

Okay, so I had to write on here becasue today I was walking and almost started to break out into song! I stepped: left, right, left, right, but I was tempted to begin swinging my arms at the same time because today, San Luis Obispo is the windy city. I know you all thought it belonged to Chicago but San Luis stole it! I really did almost start singing the song and swinging my arms in unison! I know I would have looked like a crazy camp nerd but with how much wind there was today, I didn't really care. The only thing that stopped me from doing it was the knowledge that I would be able to tell all of you about what I thought and know that all of you understand problem. Others around me didn't need to hear about "pan-fried-melts" or the "Spicy Sammy Sousa Sandwich". I don't think that this has anything to do with my life right now but I don't care. Miss you all,
PS I get to go to Costco today and eat and eat and eat!


hey everybody i moved

to pleasanton.

i'm giving in....

so my senior girls are making me get myspace.....its our way of encouraging each other and all the leaders agreed to do it. i keep telling myself "it's for the kids," to help me feel better about this (i hate myspace...if you didn't know). so you myspacers here i come, oh and no naked pictures, i have high schoolers posting.


I friggi'n hate my uniform

It's offical, I'm a company man. Why can't I help but say, "You want fries with that cabin"?
Did I forget to say that I hate my uniform? Not to mention I'm still getting over Indy's rejection.
It's a sad day in spideyland,