Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Calling All Who's...

Alright... now i know i am also guilty of this, but i think we need who on this blog. I've been doing some research, and Mr Abbas has opened another blog in his name for snowboarding. Don't you think he has the time to send us a little message? thats what i thought. by they way happy belated bday who i was in New Mexico last weekend.

(i'll be posting more often to get ready. and i'll call more people. swear. )



Blogger Christopher said...

Alot of my "blogfever" has been handled by my space. If anything I think it's good, It will keep me from overposting.
I think alot of people think that they dont have anything "good" to post.
Well I'm here to say, "It dosn't have to be monumental. If somthings going on (small as you think it may be)put it up"!
Or at least let us know your alive.

3:13 PM

Blogger Jonathan said...

Hey chilly, I am sorry if you are mad that I made a blog for the snowboarding club at apu. I am the vp for the club and I thought this would be a great way to get a hold of everyone and for them to think they have a say in it too. I am not trying to leave the day camp blog, am still here.

1:52 AM

Blogger rudy said...

i missed you chilly. i thought you died, but oh no, your alive.

12:12 PM


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