Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Big News (for me anyways)

So I have decided to announce it! I no longer have pink hair! Sorry I haven't put any pictures up but my friends have them and I still need to get the pictures from them. Okay, so not really my big news but a big thing in my life. What the BIG news is, is that I now am a part time employee. I got my first job outside of Day Camp (can you really count Day Camp as a job? No one ever works there for the money). I am working at a place called Froggies. It is a coffee/smoothie/ice cream/muffin/bagel/breakfast/lunch little place. I don't know how many guys work there but if none before, I am the first! Not saying it isn't a guys job, cause it sure could be...I get to learn how to make great smoothies! Well, just thought i would share with you all my delightful news!
Miss you all and sorry Who that I never called on your birthday, crazy times this last week, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WHO!!!!


Blogger hula said...

Congrats on the new job Scout! Sounds like the perfect job for you considering you were a human blender at one point in your life.

4:39 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Definitely sounds like the perfect job for you, buddy. Bon appetit.

7:09 PM


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