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Pink IS the new black!

So this weekend I had a wonderful time getting to talk to Rudy and Muppet but after our little hang out I went back to school. This weekend we had a "P" Party for Campus Crusade, a party where you have to dress up as something that starts with the letter "p". So i am stoked about this. I decided I was going to be a paint brush. It begins with a p, i didn't think that many people would have this same idea, and i have the perfect hair for it! I mean, my hair looks almost exactly like a paint brush...honestly, or a least the brissles. So, I decide that i need to have a color in my hair, like i have actual paint in my hair. So i decide to try and put koolaide in my hair but couldn't find any, so my next lemonade! Well, i dump a bunch of the lemonade in my hair and water and soak it for at least 20 min. I rinse my hair and...NOTHING!!! Absolutely nothing happens to my hair. Well, desperate times call for desperate messures, so i go to the store and buy a red hair dye...8 to 10 wash hair dye. That is right, i dyed my hair red!!! So thinking i can just wash it a bunch after i dye my hair. Well, after washing it, it turns into a nice pink. I have a pink head and it isn't coming out. Slowly i guess it is but too slowly for sure! Needless to say, i now like my new "strawberry blonde" hair. Just thought it was a funny story and wanted to share! Miss all of you guys a lot!


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sweet, scout. that sounds like you! please post pics!

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pictures please

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