Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


We won. 31-24.

My first play as a coach was a botched snap that flew over the quarterback's head into the running back's hands who ran it 80 yards for a touchdown. The rest of the game fell pretty closely along those lines. My assistant coaches (who, if you'll recall participated in this whole thing just to watch the rap video Furbs, Who, and I put together) were invaluable in keeping the whole thing from becoming too serious. At the end, the girls dumped a half-full water bottle over my head, a fight nearly broke out between two line-women, one of their fathers threatened to have me thrown in jail, and the opposing coach asked if I'd coach again next year.

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Blogger Chilly said...

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Blogger Chilly said...

Congrats gator! you're a great coach! when i played a fight did break out between some ghetto linesmen, and the game was cut short and everyone escorted off the field. but i think we would have won.

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