Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


A little write up I did on my space. Enjoy!

Top 5 favorate movies in order, Aladdin, Sin City, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King extended edition, Sideways, Fight Club. Reasons, Aladdin- This is my ..1 for sure. Why? Out of all the characters out in the movies, Aladdin is the one that I would most want to be. He is someone that is good at what he is, but consistently strives to be something better. He has a "screw you" attitude to all the people trying to tell him he can't do it. However as nice of a guy that he is, Al still has his faults. I can identify with the fact that his self interested nature can get the better of him at some points, but in the end he is extremely self sacrificing. Sin City- Can I just say I love Marv! Coupled with the art of the movie, Marv takes me to a place where I’ve been. Yes, I had a blondi. (And yes I’m still a virgin!) So I know what drives Marv. And although his methods are a little…let’s say behind the times, (best line in the movie!), Marv has a sort of holy crusading motivation to get his job done. This is something I have an odd respect for. LOTR ROTK ex- I would like to note that I said extended not original theatrical. I did this very much on purpose. I think the extra scenes add so much to the plot line. (Enough anyway, to promote it to my top 5). I don’t really like the first two installments of the series. I find the characters unmotivated and shallow. Not till the third did my heart weep for the hobbits. To see them come of age at the end was a tear jerker for me. I also liked the “let’s not give in” attitude by most of the main characters. Sideways- First off it was funny as heck. I also have a theory that you can tell the wise from the unwise from people who have (wise) and have not seen (unwise) this movie. I’m not saying there is any correlation; I’ve just seen wisdom as a common attribute in people that have seen it. Anyway, I digress. Sideways had no good moral mission, and when broken down was nothing more that a 40 year old American Pie. Why do I like it? Can’t really put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s foreshadowing my future. Which one am I? If you still know me in 20 years I guess you’ll find out. Fight Club- To be short and to the point, I see Fight Club as a worthy adversary. I was so pissed that I didn’t see what was right in front of me the entire time. Good job on that one Fight Club, you got me! Fight club had such wonderful social characterization. To think that one (sorry two) person(s) could shape the world like that is amazing. I kind of want to be that kind of leader. To have such influence as to get members to fight to the degree they did so blindly is strangely respectable. Plus Fight Club was the first movie where I had the hots for the “bad girl”, which is not normally my first choice. >;>;Well there you have it. Honorable mentions are High Fidelity because it made me appreciate Streetlight Records a WHOLE lot more. And Rushmore, because I have a Rushmore of my own called Day Camp.


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