Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Hide and Seek and Sardines

I just had a missing DC moment...tonight at my house we had a mystery dinner- I was Janis Joplin. Then after the murder mystery (memories of p'elvis) we played a game of sardines and then one of hide a seek. I must say that my memories of this past summer playing were revisited- maybe someday we can play again- I won't count on it.
hugs- larky

Campus days for spidey

Hey all I went to campus days on the 28th and 29th. Man was it fun. Above all else the thing that made the visit cool was that I played Halo 2 for the first time. Let me say that to confirm as all my fellow DC boys pick there jaws up off the ground. YES HALO 2 ! THATS 12 DAYS BEFORE THE RELEASE DAY! HELLLLLLLLS YA!!!!

Almost as important was my signing up for classes. I must say I find myself a little scared and apprehensive. And for all of you who don't know I'm going to be a Business Administration major with a double minor in youth and children's ministries. Back at home things are getting worse with my grandma. She has officially been diagnosed with dementia. (the prelude to alsimers). this is stressing mom out a lot. and sometimes I see a lot more of that stress when she comes home. Everything overall is good on the home front, new challenges had needed to be coped with and the changing process is going well for all.

Our lord is a humbling God, I could use prayer now more than ever!

I love and miss you all. We may not have the same blood flowing through us. But I see you as my family. Bruin asked me "If [I] had one superpower what would it be?" At the time I said laser eyes(as freakn' cool as that would be). I would want the power for me to be with my family all 12 months of the year.

Just know I'm with you wherever you are.




It was really good to see you guys.


come out west to the wood

hey all, You're invited to Westwood
So school is in full swing, and as much as I love going back to old habbits late nights with my nose in the books, I miss late nights talking to you guys in the LZ. Life is pretty stressful because I feel like I finally have to get some idea about what my future will look like so the next few weeks are booked with GREs and the such. But not yet... because We're going to party. Anyone that wants is welcome to come stay in my apartment for the big bash on Sat, coincidentally when Gator's in town. I hope to see a lot of you soon. Until then, I'll enjoy the rarity of the LA rain we're currently blessed with. There's something about the rain that I absolutely love. Snuggling up in a blanket, or driving in the car hearing and seeing the rain pour down the window. It's romantic. Maybe it reminds me of home. Whatever it is, I'm a happy camper.


Just in case I forgot to send an e-mail to any of the SoCali Day Campers, I'll be pulling into Fish's domain on Thursday night and on Saturday night we'll be getting buck wild at his place 'round about 5:00PM. Come if you can. There's only one reason I'm coming down and that's to see you kids.

And Scout, sorry pal, I'm flying, otherwise I'd happily wave to you while I drove past SLO pick you up.

And check out this photo of the scar Lark left me in the pool one dark Thursday night last summer. Don't let her near your kids, folks. She isn't stable.



Fish out of Water

hi friends....I don't think I was meant for politics in any way shape or form. Being in Ottawa has shown me that, and living with a bunch of driven political people has shown me even more. it's as if radio is shunned, and web design is laughed at and considered totally uncredible. There are days especially today that I could be surrounded by you, who like me for who I am and not what I do. yeah, i know this all is a little down, maybe it's the midterm i have to write in 12hrs? I was just interrupted by two Members of Parliment walking around the house on a tour- what a life, it's so unreal!
- Larky


Hey everyone, I just got back from an awesome weekend of delight down in Ventura and had so much fun for our fall retreat. I am loving school but i had hard midterms. I went to San Jose the weekend before and saw the turn off for Santa Cruz and was sad. I miss day camp lots. Well, i know that you all are in God's hands so i am not worried about you. I was just wondering, Gator, how are you going down to LA, along the 5 or the 101? Just thought i would ask. Miss you all and talk to you all later,
P.S. Hopefully i will make it to the reunion, i might come with Dixie because we both might be at the winter retreat in San Diego. Pray that i can go. I would LOVE to go!!!!

who is that picture of?????

gator... you are stranger beyond what words can express. hey spiffer - - - are you still planning on making your way down here this weekend? do you still read this. i have to say that I got a chance to see the who-tee this weekend at the cal game and it reminded me again of how much freakin' fun we are going to have next weekend for those of us down in so cali. sorry to all of you who cannot make it - - but even if you are far, you should make the drive.

freak though, cause new years is far away and i have to be back the next morning i think. it's gonna happen friends.

i realize my posts have very little substance and their main purpose is so that i can substitute my feeling of loss away from you all with a chance to communicate



Thanksgiving Camp

Is anyone planning on working this? So far, Spidey and Spiff have expressed interest but I'm holding out for no less than five (5) Day Camp counselors before I commit my first official school break to the kiddies.



things are good

I know spelling will suck so stuff it.

you know that sad post i left last. well forget about it. so many things are going good for me. I know i sound like a blind optimist but how god can turn things around so fast is amazing. I have the coolet job ever. I build and install kitchens. Let me tell you I have never made so much money. I make in 3 day what I used to make a round table in a month. the fam. sicuation is good. I took my grandma out to a nice italian restarant, I wore a suit and tie and she wore a nice dress. I think it was the best gift i have ever givin. we had so much fun. I cant wait for school. I'm so jazzed.
and it seems I get a day camp fix every month. ie: Sep. hisp. camp
Oct. Six Flags (in two days woo whooo) Nov. Thanksgiving Dec. New Years.....Then off to school.

I cant express how much you all mean to me,


ps. also smallville is on tonight wooooo whoooooo!!!

here it goes

I wish that I could say that life is extravagant....but the reality is
that I am trucking along and getting back in
the swing. School has proved to be another change - - and it seems that
nothing ever is quite as you
think...but that is good cause I'm not very creative. I just got the
e-mail about new years and there is a
possibility I might not be able to go and I'm ready to shoot myself if
that is true.... I will make it - - God help
me. I miss many of you dearly (I feel like if I say "many" rather than
"all" of you that you will all think that
this comment applies to you and it will become more personal) and I have
the fondest memories of camp.
This is so mushy/sick/over the top/true that I just had to say it. Peace.



To my crazy friends

It is amazing to think that it was only a little over a month ago that I
spent my every day with all of you
wonderful people. I find it so wierd how much life changes and shifts.
The experience of this summer was
amazing.......and this is so lame/mushy/chickish/sincere that i just had
to write it. All I have to say is that
we have to re-recruit all of the dc people that are not yet on this board
and get it hopping. Cause really
there are far too many ladies to keep track of and I don't know if I can
go on without telling the whole world
about them. Ya'll best be hanging out with me at the gaytor when he is
down in so-cali cause it is going to be
off the hook!!!!! yeah-----bye


Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving- tomorrow is the big Thanksgiving day for me- so I better make the most of it because the whole MH Thanksgiving thing won't being happening for me. For some reason unknow to me they didn't want to buy my plane ticket...humm maybe because it was around $500...sigh...I also am so envious of the Southern California fun, there are some things that I guess I will never get to experince. Oh...and Gator I'm can't figure our how to post pictures, help! Life in here is good, the Throne speech just occured this week, all this Canadian stuff is crazy!!

- Lark

Swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool, when days are hot, when days are cold, in a swimming pool...


Self-loathingly yours,

Dana and I broke up. To be fair to her, though, I did the breaking apart. The circumstances were pretty awful, too. Not much about life is all that pleasant right now, but at least fifth period isn't the biggest of my anxieties anymore. I'm hoping to make it down to L.A. on the weekend of October 23 and I'd really enjoy seeing all of you SoCali day campers who aren't Fish. It's looking about 50/50.

P.S. Just kidding.

P.P.S. Kidding about Fish that is, not about the rest of it.

[Edited to add: It's official. I'm coming down Thursday night, October 21, and leaving Sunday. I'll be staying at Fisher-man's. More to come. Do, if possible, think about saving Saturday night for a mini-Day Camp thing.]

Hey I am here

Goodness gracious I am so excited to even be on this thing. I miss you all desperately. I wish I could say more but it is 4:15 in the morning and I am doing house-keeping duties with a bunch of long neglected organizational b.s. I expect to hear about your lives and I am actually going to use this thing. Probably at the expense of better grades and actually working on homework late at night. Peace.