Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


No more address lists!

First, Fish and I and a couple others receive a letter from one Michaela Quan begging us to e-mail her "about stuff" because she's "depereat" and "bored."

Second, all of us get a confusing e-mail from an Ashley Hu who claims we have to resend her e-mail to a crowd of people within, depending on where you read, a) one hour or b) before 10:00 PM.

But, Ashley, it's 9:25 in the freaking PM right now! I'll never make the deadline even if I do as you suggest and "GO 2 A CHAT ROOM PICK OUT SOME NAMES AND BINGO!"

Also, what's all this about resending your e-mail to 10 people so that my crush will say she likes me? I'm not sending this to anybody and I thought my crush already liked me. Do you know something I don't? And why oh why do you tell me to "LISTEN CAREFULLY"? I try and all I hear is the soft whirr of my laptop.

Two things I've definitely gotta do now:
  1. Figure out which one of you shlubs was Ashley Hu's counselor. C'mon. Pipe up.
  2. Call Tuesday.


P.S. I'm shuffling this over to at 3:00PM Monday. Just so you can adjust your bookmarks and business cards.

P.P.S. Here's a picture of where I live. Click it.



first day of school today

My perpetual summer ended today. I like school and so it isn't quite as sucky as you might think. It is, however, hard to imagine that other people have been doing this for over a month already.

-just wanting to report
-i miss day camp - - - - - the people really

Aw cripes...

This only barely merits a post but I owe you guys something aside the doom 'n' gloom of my last one.

I ask a trivia question in my opener every day to balance out the mathematics.

Today's question was, "What is the longest any fisherman has ever battled a fish?"

And while writing it I capitalized "fish."

I did it again while writing the question down here.

That Mount Hermon place just does funny and cool things to my wiring.


The new Alverado Ave.

In the house next to Bob's, sits the remnant of a summer past. Where the boys know how to party and there exist no contract.


ps. See you So-cal'ers on the 22nd.

pps. Gator, come with me!

2 days till who's birthday....

first thing: lark, your invititation looks great! i wish i could wiggle my nose and appear where you are....just as much as i wish i could be in your room again, the night that you fell off the trail.hehehe.

second thing: last night a couple of us joined together to have a early celebration for who for reasons threefold: his 23rd birthday, his 1st hamburger after not eating one for the whole summer, and just because we really wanted to see each other. great night, great pazookie, great company, the angels beat oakland, and we got to see bruin (3rd time for fisher, you know he is going to rub it in). just wanted to say the rest of you were missed.... oh, and hi tuesday: i know you are reading this and not posting.

p.s. i move on thursday night....pray that i get everything packed (i haven't even started-gulp). and pray for comfort as i leave the love of my life: my twins.


hey if you're in the area, stop bye ok?


Pink IS the new black!

So this weekend I had a wonderful time getting to talk to Rudy and Muppet but after our little hang out I went back to school. This weekend we had a "P" Party for Campus Crusade, a party where you have to dress up as something that starts with the letter "p". So i am stoked about this. I decided I was going to be a paint brush. It begins with a p, i didn't think that many people would have this same idea, and i have the perfect hair for it! I mean, my hair looks almost exactly like a paint brush...honestly, or a least the brissles. So, I decide that i need to have a color in my hair, like i have actual paint in my hair. So i decide to try and put koolaide in my hair but couldn't find any, so my next lemonade! Well, i dump a bunch of the lemonade in my hair and water and soak it for at least 20 min. I rinse my hair and...NOTHING!!! Absolutely nothing happens to my hair. Well, desperate times call for desperate messures, so i go to the store and buy a red hair dye...8 to 10 wash hair dye. That is right, i dyed my hair red!!! So thinking i can just wash it a bunch after i dye my hair. Well, after washing it, it turns into a nice pink. I have a pink head and it isn't coming out. Slowly i guess it is but too slowly for sure! Needless to say, i now like my new "strawberry blonde" hair. Just thought it was a funny story and wanted to share! Miss all of you guys a lot!


yeah...that's right. i know that you are all incredibly jealous.

and in case anybody was wondering/worried ... she is EXACTLY the same wonderful Bruin as when she left

Day Camp: September 2005


Day Camp: September 2005


for those of you who could not make it down to bako this last weekend, you were missed. in fact all scout and i did was make sad faces , like this (see above picture). so montana- i hope you are feeling alot better, frodo, who, and indy...bakersfield sucked without you. actually it always sucks, but i still have bako just would have not sucked with you there. i just want to see how many times i could use the word suck, seeing that i have used it 4 times already.

oh and welcome back bruin.
one more thing: who's birthday is coming up this friday?

gator...why is it not letting me post my picture.


canadian news

so, i just got back from Vancouver Island and once again am struck at what a beautiful country Canada is! It was time that I spent 90% of my time behind a's something that I'm getting used to...but you know I never know if one does get used to being behind the camera. Today I thought of Mount Hermon, after a summer off I think I want to go back....any summer 04' ers thinking of returning---- Frodo? Who?

My Space

I resently got a "my space", so if you haven't gotten a invite (don't feel bad) just drop me a line.


ps. I can't but feel as though ive joined a cult of some kind


Of Mary Rowlandson, and of God or: Of One Boy's Insecurity Re: His Inability to Sufficiently Express Himself in Few Words or: Dear God, College!

I got an A-. The bright girl next to me got a B. This proves I'm not an idiot, right?


Regretfully yours,

I just wanted you guys to be the second to know that, as of today, I won't be coming back next summer.


Happy Birthday Blog

I just relized that yesterday our blog turned 1! Congratulations all!


I feel like Gator is a daddy.


I like posting pictures too.
"I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!"(a)
Sorry to steal the line Fish, I hope it's o.k.
a. Sears, Ryan. I do what I want. DCM. Mount Hermon, Ca. 2003

yup a stupid picture of a rainbow

so pretty much i have become one of those people obsessed with putting pictures on this blog. i didn't know how to do it at first, but now..moohahaha. a little story: so i was standing outside talking to the neighbors, we all ran out there with our cameras to take a picture of the sky, because it was know the kind where you get goosebumps all over. we all decided to go back inside after marveling over the lord's beauty, when all of a sudden lightening hit the tree that we had been standing next to taking pictures. it was the pee-my-pants coolest thing i have ever seen...i can't even explain it, it was huge and we had just walked away from it not even five minutes then we ran inside for fear of our lives. what is weird is that within minutes the storm cleared up and the sun came back out again.

so yeah i just told the lamest story, and i put a picture of a rainbow and the sky up on this thing, and so maybe i like warm fuzzy things like: cotton candy, dippin dots, and little cute bunnies but that is who i am so nahhhhh! i don't know why i made that sound. anyways: this is just a present for you all, a glimspe of light in the dark...hehehe.
oh and i see that you stopped signing your name spidey....

Just a glimse of what my life is like outside of the DC. My roomies Joah (left) and Mike (right) and Mike's sis Charlotte. We went out on the town and went to Humphrey's on the water. It was beautiful. Mike had a swell B-Day. Girls: they'e both single and the talk of the school. Just thought I'd let you know. : ) Posted by Picasa


the "finer" aspects of summertime

now, i know if you're like me, you're missing the... "finer" aspects of camp about now.

and really, i'm not sure what those are for each of you indivicually... but here are a couple of mine...

feel free to add yours.

1. dirtiest counselor contests.

theres no feeling like the feeling of dirt in the very roots of your scalp. and mud covering your entire body.

2. jack pearson.

c'mon... admit it, you miss it... the campfires, the twice a week ecounters with the elusive man in yellow suspenders. well, not to worry, i did the research for you guys... jack recently added a new feature to his website: AUDIO SAMPLES! i know you all will be disappointed, but there is no freedom bird, or MTA on this site... but it is definitely worth a glance...

what can i say? only because i love you guys.

Nearly home

Wow!!! I felt like I was the only one who checked the blog at the beginning of the summer. And now it's blowing up. That means only good things; that you all had a good summer and miss eachother. Well, I love and miss you all too. And I'll soon be coming back in the country. Sept. 19. So give me a call. 650-279-7474. I've had an awesome time living in my village out here and I'd love to tell you about it in person (and by that I mean phone if you're in nor-cal).


The End !!!

Top: This is Great Spidey passed out at day camp because of, I guess, a great night out in the town with Fish on the last night of day camp. Yes we left him there to wake up by himself.

Side: This is the end of me getting my staples out and become free to eat FAT. I had four holes and five staples for each hole.

Hello Bloggers!! First Iam going to say is thank you so much for all the prayers, and i miss you a lot. Everything is going great. I am done with it all and back to eating fat, but I have not yet had a hambugger. :( yes I know, very sad. But when I do I will yet you all know. School Is great and I have great roommates. The only hard thing is that when i got back my boss told me that they did not have the money to give me back my job. So Iam back to looking for a job, oh and I hate looking for a job. hope all is well with you all, and praying for you guys too.

to prove a point

in regards to spidey's ranking scores...

Am I (slightly) crazy?

An update, sorta', on school, I guess:

I'm taking 18 units - all English classes - during my first semester, @ UC Berkeley. I'll be reading 35 books plus a couple course readers. (Not that I'm complaining (Fish); reading is the domain of an English major, and I'm down.)

See, I've always had this thing with failure/competition/whatever - I guess it's really timory, though: I've been in situations my whole life where I could pass as "smart" or even represent myself as such. Until now. In high school I was homeschooled. My bragging of straight-A's to friends was laughable (for me, in hindsight; for them, immediately.) In junior college I did well, but it's easy to say, "'s junior college." So now I'm at Berkeley - a difficult school by all accounts - taking 18 units, trying to prove something. If I can do well under this load, I think I'll feel, finally, like I belong. I'm happy to finally face this, but nervous as to what it will mean.

All this is to say: if you can, pray for me. I get my first paper back today. An A or A- would be a nice vote of confidence. At the same time, I hate the idea of the letter-graded system; more precisely, I hate the idea that it matters so much to me. I get a lot of enjoyment and stimulation out of what I read, so why should a simple letter matter?

Anyway, I've already talked a little bit w/ Meredith about this, but I figured it never hurts to let people in on what's going on, and what's hard, in your life.

And, oh, my roommates still rock. We got Chris. Yeah, he's on TV. It's crazy. Women LOVE him. Then there's Julian, Joe, Miguel (he's from Spain), and Jesse - who is our token freshman and somewhat irritating. I would give you pictures of everyone else, but they all have facebook accounts and you need a password, et cetera to look at them and I didn't feel like signing up. Basicallly, the first 4 roommates I mentioned are amazing guys, and Jesse's not bad, either. I'm fortunate to be in such a warm, sincere place. Nonetheless, it's hard being away from "home", i.e. Meredith. Only 10 more months...

Popularity Contest Time

Now I know Gator was the first to do this, but it's so much fun I want to do it again.
Here it goes, your standing in Spidey's Kodak.

1. Indy 32

2. Aspen 30

3. Gator 29

4. Spiff 28

5. Fish 27
Snaps 27

6. Monty 25
Tuesday 25
Frodo 25

7. DeeDee 22

8. Daff 21
Hula 21

9. Scout 18
Jayber 18

10. Child Care 16
Bro 16

11. Who 15

12. Shannon 14
Jav 14

13. Rudy 11

14. Mup 7

15. Sushi 6

16. Flip 5
Youth Staff 5
Josh (Biggie) 5
Dave (Campbells) 5

17. Crush 4
Goose 4
Scooter 4
LaLa 4

18. Bruin 3
Furbs 3
Reggis 3
Smalls 3
Rachel 3
Dixie 3
Dot 3
Monty (The Dude) 3

19. Chilly 2
Bug 2
Topher 2
Bob 2
Shaggie 2
Fidget 2

Honorable Mention:

Merry H.

You might have noticed that I didn't list myself. I'd be pretty sure in saying I made a few apperences.





I'm a God!

I just played Halo with a bunch of Freshmen downstairs. With a winning streak as long as Fish's...errr....self esteem, I soon had the freshmen's loyalty and respect. I feel as if I have my minions downstairs to do my bidding. I LOVE this place!
ps. Me and my roomies are throwing a party tommorow. To show my love, if you want to come by here's the offical invite. (I'm just hooking upmy dc peeps )
pps. I'll post pictures
ppps. Yes Rudy, their is a(re) girl(s) that I am trying to hook up with.

So...I've been pretty busy lately, but it just hit me that I really, REALLY miss you guys. Yeah, even though I went to bed early, hung out by myself at the creech, and talked about school, I really miss every minute of seeing you guys. My second realization was just as sad- I can't remember too well what it was like to be at MH for a typical day. I'm back into school mode, and looking at my pictures of you guys, the kids, bbq's, and skits make me wanna cry. I guess God has so many good things he's shown me that I wish I didn't have to juggle them. I wish I could lead multiple lives to enjoy all of His blessings. Thanks for an amazing summer, every one of you! As I cry tears of joy I hope that you guys are pondering God's blessings and forgiving me for not calling so often. I love you; I truly, truly do. Posted by Picasa

that does it.

so i kind of miss you guys. started packing up a little, well maybe i got a little distracted once i found all of my pictures. found a great one of when fish used to look like ronald mcdonald- hint.hint. please grow that afro again.


Yeah, so.... Well I guess this is going to happen -

Donald Miller is going to speak at my church. Anyone is welcome to come. Copy / paste the link (since I don't know how to do it the other way).

mike jones.

never did i think i would be posting about mike jones... nevertheless, here i am.

i'm back at the mount, and its spidey, shannon and i on registration. one of the kids walks up, goes over to shannon, and when she asks his name, he replies, "mike jones." now, had it not been for daff and sushi this summer, this kid MAY have gotten away with this... but shannon and i, wise by ways of gangster now, called him out SO quick, laughing, wishing you all were here.

(???)330-8004... they tried teaching me...

oh, by the way... its hispanic week.


Hail to the Vice President

Got my iBook and VP of SIFE (students in free enterprise), all in one day. I think it's a good day.
Now it's time to leave my mark on this campus!

I'm Safe

Kyle and I just got back to his house from driving all night and I'm proud to say we made it. However, my speeding ways finally caught up to me and the impossible happened. I got a ticket right after where the 505 meets the 5. I was overdue. To Gator and Snaps: Fish told me that the story from when you guys went to visit Snaps wasn't true. However, the joke is on you because that thought never would have entered my mind if you didn't say anything and even though its a sham one can still dream. So thank you. Ha Ha


Well well, I think I know what Monty does to unwind.

It's the small things a camp that count.
Much luv,

My London Blog

I just wanted to throw up a link to the photo blog I'm going to attempt to update while I am abroad this semester. It's for any of you interested. I had a great time visiting and working a bit this summer, already missing that nice mount hermon air.
-Matt (sushi)

Hey Gator

Do you know why my pics are freaking out? And do you know if you can fix it?


News, Some Unfortunate, Some Awesome

The unfortunate: my school district has decided that our sweet little blog is adult content, which means I can't check it during the workday. It's either a censoring glitch or a direct result of Rudy making little attempt to disguise her potty mouth. Either way, the school day just got longer by at least an hour.

The awesome: We sold our last DVD as the last camper left Day Camp, pushing us juuuuust into the black on our track jacket fund. Congratulations to everyone who shook down our campers for their cheddar. Our summer's been paid.




Hello Hula

I just wanted to be a blog whore today.

(SNIFF) I luv yous guys (:[

(SNIFF) I luv yous guys (:[

Bethany is really shaping up to be a good experenence. Last summer prepared me for alot of the challenges that I have faced as of late. I'm also taking alot of business core classes, one of which is Principles of Management. I think that the Lord has alot to teach me through this particular class. Thank you all for the values that you've taught me during my time as Team Leader. Now, let's hope I can bring more to the table next summer!
~ yours

I miss you guys and everything else...let me know how you're doing wherever you are... Posted by Picasa