Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


So...I've been pretty busy lately, but it just hit me that I really, REALLY miss you guys. Yeah, even though I went to bed early, hung out by myself at the creech, and talked about school, I really miss every minute of seeing you guys. My second realization was just as sad- I can't remember too well what it was like to be at MH for a typical day. I'm back into school mode, and looking at my pictures of you guys, the kids, bbq's, and skits make me wanna cry. I guess God has so many good things he's shown me that I wish I didn't have to juggle them. I wish I could lead multiple lives to enjoy all of His blessings. Thanks for an amazing summer, every one of you! As I cry tears of joy I hope that you guys are pondering God's blessings and forgiving me for not calling so often. I love you; I truly, truly do. Posted by Picasa


Blogger alexandra said...

you follow me, spiffer... ryan from the gathering asked me to tell you hi... he approached, recalling me as "the girl that hung out with chris and kyle... i love those guys!" so yeah, i hope you're doing well and loving life at Point Loma!

11:50 PM

Blogger Daff said...

You are the man Spiff... you areof someone I greatly admire. I know you kept to yourself alot which is ok but I do value the time we did spend together. Sounds like school is awesome and I hope your having fun. Sorry for bailing on you on our Road Trip. I REALLY wish we went down. Stay out of trouble!

12:46 AM


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