Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Gator & Tuesday Meyer

We got married. That's all.

Okay that isn't all. This is my first summer off MH's payroll, the first summer that all of Day Camp's counselors started in years after mine. My involvement on this blog has drifted. I don't plan to organize or attend New Year's this year.

I'm really glad Tuesday & I set this thing up small, that we could meet each attendant at the dock in Avalon and have a gift basket and note waiting for each of them in their rooms. No one came from high school. No one came from college. I didn't mind that.

But it sucked a little that we didn't invite Day Camp, that the people who surrounded us when this thing first happened weren't there, though it was pretty awesome my entire groomman lineup was Day Camp Mafiosi.

I want you people to know I thought a lot about you on July 19. We thought a lot about you.


Finally here it is...

Back row...


Front row...


There you go and there they are. Love you all!

leaving for africa.

i am leaving for africa in a couple of hours. i was wondering if you all could please pray for me. i am gong by myself and will be waundering around to orphangaes and baby havens and wherever i am needed. im a little nervous today. thank you you guys. oh and bruin is there too, she is in a diffeent part but keep her in your prayers too!



so i am super lame for still posting a counselor pic...but for the life of me i can't find the CD their on so ya'll will just have to use you imagination. Anyway...summer is flying by and things are going great! some fun/disturbing/interesting things that have been happening...

-Pondy and one Fountain staff member contracted the "norwalk virus" JEMS since then we have to wear plastic gloves for serve ourselves in staff dining and sanitize the kids hands @ straight n quite line contests, before snack, and after activity....we are all walking around with big bottles of hand sanitizer ALL the time and smell like rubbing alcohal...

-Pranks have slowly begun to trickle around...Upper Aspen bathrooms got filled with packing peanuts, Dash's set of "perfect push-ups" got stolen, Mine and Munchkin's beds' got stolen, the top have of Carl the DC maniquin ended up suspended in a canoe above the boat house and Finally.....EVERY PAIR OF JACK PEARSONS SUSPENDERS WERE STOLEN!!!!!!!! wtf. the left and ransom note and a pink belt for him to wear until they were returned...he turned the pink belt into a pair of suspenders.

-Retreat to Monteray was last weekend and it was lots of fun and went smoothly and while it was no lake house only driving 45 minutes was incredible.

-The most disturbing/funniest bible study skit i have ever seen happened this week...Bro vs Maverick in "Day Camp's Next Top Modal"....Maverick was a girl with lots of chest hair and a beard and Bro was just...well, Bro....todays final walk off had us rolling on the floor.

overall it's been a good summer so far...lots of new hoops to jump through but that's nothing new. If you haven't come to see us, come...and to all of you who have come by to hang out it has been so amazing to see you! keep praying for out health because that is one throne in our side that we just can't seem to get out. Love you guys!


So I found this video...

I was slumming around You Tube and found this video I made a few months back. I thought some you might get a kick out of the tongue-in-cheek narration by yours here it is.


saturday july 19th

hey friends!

my church vintage faith is opening a coffee, art and music lounge called 'the abbey' and i'm a part time barista there this summer. on saturday july 19th there will be a grand opening from 9am to 9pm. check out the poster or the website for more details. unfortunately i won't be able to make it, but it promises to be a great day with delicious coffee and rockin music. the best part is that after we have opened, we will have new "beyond sunday" hours, officially open to the public. it's a pretty sweet location, right in front of a major UC bus stop, so we're praying for many to come through our doors and feel welcome at the church.

if you are unable to come, please pray for saturday, and definitely stop by another time if you're in the area.

in joy, racer


I am going to be at camp this weekend and up coming week.