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saturday july 19th

hey friends!

my church vintage faith is opening a coffee, art and music lounge called 'the abbey' and i'm a part time barista there this summer. on saturday july 19th there will be a grand opening from 9am to 9pm. check out the poster or the website for more details. unfortunately i won't be able to make it, but it promises to be a great day with delicious coffee and rockin music. the best part is that after we have opened, we will have new "beyond sunday" hours, officially open to the public. it's a pretty sweet location, right in front of a major UC bus stop, so we're praying for many to come through our doors and feel welcome at the church.

if you are unable to come, please pray for saturday, and definitely stop by another time if you're in the area.

in joy, racer


Blogger Spiffer said...

Coooool. Wish I was there with you, sis. My bike isn't gathering dust anymore, but I miss having a partner to ride with. Good luck. If I know you, there'll be some intersting conversations from the baristas to the customers the times you're there!

10:45 AM

Blogger montana said...

oh this is so sweeeet...i'm definitely gonna have to stop by at some point and see you in action. so great amy, thanks for letting all of us know!

9:18 PM


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