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Heya Big Tymerz.

I don't post here much these days, mainly 'cause I have a blog of my own that I already feel guilty about not posting at enough, and who needs two sets of blog-related guilty feelings, amirite? Anyway, as the title to this post prolly indicates, this is important. I want all to click...(wait for it)...this link. When you all get there - and I do mean you all; this is important - I want you to do something with your heart. Namely, I want you to search it. Search it deep and hard. Searched? Great. Now that you've searched your heart, you can vote both honestly and intelligently in the Alameda Sun's 2008 Mother/Daughter (Mother-Daughter? MotherDaughter? Maughter? Eh.) Look-Alike Contest. PLEASE! DON'T BE WAYLAID BY GIMMICKS LIKE MATCHING OUTFITS, STUPID RED DOTS, CUTE KITTENS, OR THE FACT THAT THE PARENT AND CHILD BOTH HAPPEN TO BE ASIAN. (Aside: it's likely the Hongs aren't even related. It's a popular surname.) No, vote with integrity. Vote with your conscience. Vote honestly and intelligently. Vote, specifically, for these people:

That's - (full disclosure) - my sister and my niece. The one on the left is my niece. Right now they're winning the race, but the Hillary Clintons of Alameda - i.e. the whorish Hongs - are trying to spoil their victory lap. There's, like, one day left to vote. So, please, for the sake of this sweet, sometimes-too-talkative-and-somewhat-(mostly?)-annoying little niece of mine, go vote. She gets to ride in the 4th of July Parade and wave at people if she wins.

Goodnight and good luck.


Blogger Banjo said...

i voted! yay! this is so great! how hilarious.. i hope they win.

10:19 PM

Blogger Nova said...

i voted too! and they look incredibaly alike....

12:00 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

they won. thanks.

10:16 PM


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