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Chris Love Rocks Chapel!!!

Ok, I know I'm going to sound egocentric here. But I just hosted a chapel at my school and to say the least I ROCKED IT!! I hit on issues that needed to be hit on in an insightful way and was told right after by the campus pastor that I should frame my notes..

Afterward, I was told on three separate occasions that mine was the best chapel all year! Not semester mind you, YEAR! I am on fire today!!! Halla DCM Halla!!!

p.s. If you want to come see me walk (graduate) on the 3rd of May (that's a Saturday) it's at Bethel Church. I know Monty and Bro are going so if you want you can talk with them. Otherwise just drop a line here, my phone, or myspace/facebook/e-mail. A pizza party will follow in Scotts Valley if you want to go to that too.

Chris Love


Blogger Frodo said...

way to go spidey! I wish I could be there when you walk. Instead, I guess I'll use this medium to say way to go. we're proud of you man.

3:35 PM

Blogger Nova said...

i'll say way to go too! congrats man! on all the recent good things in your life!

11:59 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Wish I could go, but my cuz is getting married in SoCal. Bummer, I like Pizza better than Champagne.

Way to go on Chapel! If it was anything like our Train Day talks, I'm sure it was beautiful.

Thanks for talking the other day, it's great to hear your voice.

8:55 AM

Blogger Spidey said...

Thanks guys, I hope I can see you soon. (Not just graduation, but just around).

Spiff- I like YOU better than pizza.

4:35 PM

Blogger Banjo said...

dude congrats on happy times! good luck with your new position... you'll do great!

8:52 PM

Blogger Race said...

congrats, spidester!! will you dance at your graduation party? a la new years? that might be the determining factor in my attendance...
p.s. i want to know who else read spidey's post as "chris rock loves chapel" the first time.

8:42 PM


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