Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Floor space is great!

So, I was wondering if anyone living at the herm had any extra space for 2 college guys to sleep this next Saturday. We start Spring Break this coming weekend, and I wanted to show my buddy where I worked and the church that I got to attend. If anyone has the room, that would be awesome.




Blogger Lark said...

for sure- you're welcome to crash at my place- the only catch is I'll be driving in late Saturday night from LA, hopefully not too late, give me a call your bro should have my number

9:33 PM

Blogger Skitch said...

you got it. I'll give you a call tomorrow and we can work things out. Thank you soo much Lark!!

11:15 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i would totally offer our house, but my family will be here for the weekend. i am sorry...but at least you can crash at lark's.

12:04 AM

Blogger Daff said...

I would totally offer my house, but I don't have one and you couldn't fit on my floor.

9:48 AM

Blogger Spidey said...

You can stay at my place if Lark's doesn't work out.

10:17 AM

Blogger Banjo said...

i'm guessing VINTAGE is the church you are talking about??? cool man.

3:28 PM

Blogger Race said...

skitcher! i would totally offer you my place but it's not really my place :( see you at vintage dude!! :)

10:21 PM

Blogger Skitch said...

Sorry guys!! My ride home told me that he has to get home by Saturday night 'cause his sister is coming back from Africa and they are having some huge family get together, so yeah, I'm not coming.

Thanks for the offers though, I would totally take them if I could. Have a great time at Vintage without me!!

9:35 PM

Blogger Melinda said...

ahh that was a happy and sad end to a post.

hope your spring break is still amazing.

11:34 PM


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