Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Call me, hm?

edit and bumped to add that Rudy still hasn't called me. Neither has Daff. Now I actually need your # big guy. And also: how are you liking V. Mars, Rudy?

It strikes me, though, that most of you might not have even known my phone was not working. Hmm. You probably just thought I was a jerk who didn't return calls (pretty much true, btw) or you never had occasion to call. Well, now my phone works again - for the first time since labor day - so your accusations of "jerk" can be founded or you can find a new (initial for some of you) reason to call and I can find a new reason (again, maybe initial) not to call back.

But I got a new phone. And because my old phone crashed, and because I saved all my numbers to the phone and not to the sim card (I don't know how to do that so it's not my fault, right?) I have none of your numbers. (Except for Meredith, Matt, Fish, and Gator's.) So call me:

707 206 8213

We'll talk, we'll laugh, and we'll have the means to talk and laugh again.