Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Happy Halloween!

Photo 19

Mmmmmmm.... Fish's brains with tarter sauce!



Hey Everyone-

Last friday I was invited to a College of Business and Education Luncheon at Western by Jesse Morin who works for Washington Mutual at the corporate headquarters. His family attends Mount Hermon every year during either homeschool week or the week before (His son is Austin, who I think is in 3rd grade now. Two years ago he took all his clothes off at the pool and didn't want to put them back on... Nice kid though). It was a good lunch, fun to catch up with him and do a little bit of networking.

Anyway, he was VERY impressed with us as a staff last summer. He said we really worked together as a team and everyone seemed really united. Also, he was impressed with the energy level we had from Sunday night all the way through the week. Jesse knows how hard it is at the end of the summer, because we are all beat but he really noticed a big difference this year and appreciated our effort. His son had a great time.

I just wanted to pass that along to all you guys and say GREAT JOB 07!!! YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!!

Hope everyone is well!


hula harmony (my soon-to-be new last name)

dear dc fam,
just wanted to share with you exciting news that i’m engaged!!!!

if you have a chance, check out our wedding website:

hope you’re all well. :)



HEY DC, can i just say that i'm so glad to be a part of the notorious blog... fantastic. pixie, i love the pictures... is that at a wedding??? poppy looks unbelievably precious as usual. sooo... NEW YEARS?? who will be there? no one has an excuse... especially breck, who wants to just "hang out with his friends at home". what is that about?? pshhhh...
until then

Little Hello...and...Poppy pics!

Hello DC Friends!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and to tell you all how much I miss you guys! I thought maybe for all of those "Poppy fans" out there....Bro in particular : ) you might wanna see a couple new cute pics of here they are! Love you guys and I hope so much that all of you can make it for New Years...i know it'll be such a special time...seriously cant wait!




World of Day Camp,
There is a sad event taking place at this very moment on this blog! I am writing to each one of you because each of our lives are being effected by this catastrophe. Life as we know it, upon this blog, is not made complete. How can we allow such a horrible tragedy to occur? How do you all sleep at night with yourselves content on this blog when there is clearly something great and significant lacking?!? Pippy!!!! The one and only!!!! Is presently NOT, that is right, i said NOT a part of this blog. I have heard, through the grapevine that she was not, and the only one not, invited to the blog. What is up with that? How can we allow this time, that we could be having with Pippy, simply and lazily, slip through our hands? How, I say, HOW?!?
Your forever friend,


My Pastor Somewhat Resembles Joe.

It makes me miss Day Camp every Sunday!


Why wait till New Years?

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted you all to know that I'm going to be at MH from November 8th-12th. It is veteran's day weekend so for those of us in school we don't have class on Monday. Basically, you all should come visit for the weekend and hang out. There are plenty of places to stay and I know lots of you are within driving distance. So do what you have to do, get work off and come kick it. Rudy and Muppet promised they would make a huge mexican feast and that alone is worth the drive. Gator even said he would make a cake. I miss all you guys and expect to see lots of you when I visit. Seriously, what else better is going to be going on (and don't say school or work)? Let me know if you can make it!


What We Did This Past Weekend

1. Hung out with Ali and Danny
2. Hung out with puppies
3. Bought clothing
4. Lamented our impending financial ruin
5. Bought more clothing to make ourselves feel better

N.B. We kinda' got a problem, so if anyone knows a good shopaholics anonymous group, that 411 would be much appreciated.

What Ali Did This Past Weekend:

1. Posted a picture and a message on the blog that, although not patently false, was a bit misleading.
2. Other stuff (I think)

We have tons of surprises, great surprises, fantastic surprises. Here's one: Unfortunately none of them involve a baby. That's right. Mer's not pregnant, she's just really skilled at pushing out her tummy and looking pregnant. Won't she be a cute prego, though? I'm excited, at least about the first 6 months or so. Full disclosure: We did purposefully let this ruse go on a little while. Who doesn't like sincere congratulatory comments? It was funny for awhile, but now we just feel bad. Chilly: thanks for blessing our baby - you're off the blessing hook for when we really have a kid. Spidey: we'll keep "Chris Love" tucked away in the back of our "possible name" drawer. Way back. Daff: oh come on - the Kanbeergs bros. will be fantastic role models.

Fuller disclosure: Gator wasn't having this for one second. That redacted comment of his read "lies." Smart cookie. But oh wait: he did call me up at like 4:30 in the morning all giddy and stuff wondering 1) if it was really true and 2), all jealous-like, why I didn't tell him before Snaps. Poor guy. He told me he was excited to be Uncle Gay-Gay. Oh yeah, and there's Fish's embarrassing, f-bomb brimming congratulations in the comments section. I mean, these guys should've known better - Mer was guzzling mojitos with them only one night prior. Good on you anyway, friends. To everybody else sorry about the mix-up. I kinda' feel like God's gonna' smite us at some point in the near future for this, but until then, we remain:

Yours alone,

Jave and Jayber Lin.


A Couple of things

Hey everyone... just a quick update on my life! I hope everyone is doing great.
1. I'm still up at Western finishing up one quarter. I'll be graduating (hopefully) in December which is really exciting. I can't wait to be done with school and (hopefully again) Washington. I really do like it here for the most part but the weather is killing me. Today was sunny but for the most part it is overcast, rainy and cold. Brrrrrr!

2. I'm waiting to hear back from Mount Hermon about a potential internship position starting in January. I really have no idea what I would be doing or if I will be offered a job but I've been praying about it alot can only wait and see what will happen. If not Mount Hermon than I hope to get a job in Cali somewhere whether it is in the Bay Area, Central Coast, or So Cal.

3. Annie (Pixie) broke up with me yesterday, which sucks. You can be praying for both of us. I care alot about her alot and I know God has a plan for both of us, but it looks like our ship has sailed (I think that is how you use that phrase. If not Jav will correct me). It just sucks now you know?

4. Gator- you need to get 07 new staff on the blog and lets get the New Year discussion going soon. Sorry it took so long for me to get you the emails.

I love all you guys and hopefully we can get this blog going again full steam.

- Daff


the kanbergs have a secret...


Photo 3


Three Rules of Pranking…that Maybe we should have stuck by.

1. Admit nothing
2. Deny Everything
3. Ask for proof

Pranking is for fun. People are not supposed to know who has done it.
Pranking is best when no one knows why it’s done
Pranking at its finest is not to harm anyone.
Pranking is never meant for anyone involved or not involved to take offence.
Pranking is not a party to which many members are invited into.
Pranking is meant for the greater people to pause, scratch their heads and enjoy…thinking why didn’t I think of that.

My heart is torn right now. This was fun. Never expected negative response like this.
Saddened by the response, with out anyone caring to ask why? Before they where angry, or felt left out.

3 people that love day camp and the people that work there past present and future.
3 people who all still are children at heart
3 people who discussed before hand that they didn’t want to harm the kids.
3 people that without question welcome you no matter whom you are into our home.
3 people that wanted to fix the slip n slide, as soon as they opened it and realized that there where holes not inflicted by them, debated taping them, even got out the duct tape, then stopped for fear people might know that 2 past directors would indeed tape because its in our blood and therefore implicate us.

(ha) or (haw) was nothing more than a giggle meant to say hey guys we caught you off guard.

Nothing more nothing less.

Love you guys sorry for the controversy. If we knew people where going to be hurt or upset non of us would have done it. If you know our character at all you would know malicious, exclusive is not in our (gator, rudy, muppet’s) makeup.

Ps I wrote this in my own pen. Not consenting my housemates.
So thoughts, direct them to me. Not them.