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What We Did This Past Weekend

1. Hung out with Ali and Danny
2. Hung out with puppies
3. Bought clothing
4. Lamented our impending financial ruin
5. Bought more clothing to make ourselves feel better

N.B. We kinda' got a problem, so if anyone knows a good shopaholics anonymous group, that 411 would be much appreciated.

What Ali Did This Past Weekend:

1. Posted a picture and a message on the blog that, although not patently false, was a bit misleading.
2. Other stuff (I think)

We have tons of surprises, great surprises, fantastic surprises. Here's one: Unfortunately none of them involve a baby. That's right. Mer's not pregnant, she's just really skilled at pushing out her tummy and looking pregnant. Won't she be a cute prego, though? I'm excited, at least about the first 6 months or so. Full disclosure: We did purposefully let this ruse go on a little while. Who doesn't like sincere congratulatory comments? It was funny for awhile, but now we just feel bad. Chilly: thanks for blessing our baby - you're off the blessing hook for when we really have a kid. Spidey: we'll keep "Chris Love" tucked away in the back of our "possible name" drawer. Way back. Daff: oh come on - the Kanbeergs bros. will be fantastic role models.

Fuller disclosure: Gator wasn't having this for one second. That redacted comment of his read "lies." Smart cookie. But oh wait: he did call me up at like 4:30 in the morning all giddy and stuff wondering 1) if it was really true and 2), all jealous-like, why I didn't tell him before Snaps. Poor guy. He told me he was excited to be Uncle Gay-Gay. Oh yeah, and there's Fish's embarrassing, f-bomb brimming congratulations in the comments section. I mean, these guys should've known better - Mer was guzzling mojitos with them only one night prior. Good on you anyway, friends. To everybody else sorry about the mix-up. I kinda' feel like God's gonna' smite us at some point in the near future for this, but until then, we remain:

Yours alone,

Jave and Jayber Lin.


Blogger Chilly said...

yeah you better hold onto that little blessing... i may not hand it back out now.

that mer is talented.

5:36 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

We're the boy who cried 'baby.'

5:51 PM

Blogger Matt said...

dammit michael. you ruin everything.

6:27 PM

Blogger Dan said...

If you guys miscarry your first kid, this is why.

9:06 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

yeah, that'd be an apt punishment for the crime. *rolls eyes*

so glad you're not God.

10:18 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

As we all are, Michael.

And p.s. - how "had" should I feel, when I was presented with information and no reason to not trust it? I feel no shame at responding to patently false claims when offered as truth.

8:57 AM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Well then, buddy, I got some real estate in Florida to sell you.

9:54 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

First, well done.

Second, I'm sure this will cause a string of "announcements" that will be false, and then one will of course be true, but everyone will nay-say that and feelings will be hurt. Still, well done.

Third, financial ruin? Drop me a line if you need some financial counseling. Oh, Mike. You make me laugh.

11:11 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Nah, "apt punishment" for this crime would've been sending you some gender-neutral baby gear from Amazon and attaching a gift receipt, the name of someone plausible — Hula, let's say, and a gushing note, thereby embarrassing the crud outta both you and your girlfriend (just your girlfriend, most likely) when you had to call Hula personally to explain that, uh, er, heh heh, we aren't really pregant, we're just desperate for attention.

Apt punishment which I tried to deliver except I apparently shop on Amazon about as well as my retiree grandfather.

12:20 PM

Blogger Riddler's life buddy said...

Just remember that Chris can be a girl's name too with a "K".

Uncle Gay Gay? He did not!

2:22 PM

Blogger Matt said...

i feel like i should apologize to rudy right now for what was going to work into a great master plan that michael and i brewed up. i told you that we hadn't been talking lately, which was a lie in hopes that maybe you'd believe this baby thing more...basically, michael and i are real assholes.

12:23 AM

Blogger Riddler's life buddy said...

Why did you guys admit to it? Didn't Burt say not to in rule one?

8:58 AM

Blogger rudy said...

i hate you sushi. i went home that night trying to find ways to get you two to talk. im so angry. the only thing that brings me joy is the though of gator being called uncle gay gay.

10:17 AM

Blogger Riddler's life buddy said...

I still want to know who came up with Uncle Gay Gay.

12:21 PM

Blogger Melinda said...

AHhh this is just...wonderful! Way to take atvantage of my sis...Sorry Isa I should have called to tell you!

But man this was funny, and i knew about the picture but mer is a good prego person...

I agree with the riddler...

Maybe we should sign an agreement that say, "I will not Lie about Announcments on the blog"

8:58 PM


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