Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.




Blogger Lark said...


12:25 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...


8:32 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

I don't understand. . . . . so confused. . . .OH PRECIOUS LARK!!!!!

1:02 PM

Blogger McLovin said...

Inside jokes are kinda lame. Especially on a blog that was a clique to start out with.

2:37 PM

Blogger rudy said...

you have a way with keeping friends, spidey.

5:23 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Hahahaha! We're so awesome and exclusive!

6:34 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Completely agree with Spidey.

7:39 PM

Blogger Dan said...

And me!

12:21 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Um, but seriously, neither of you boys worked this last summer, correct? Neither of you boys were around for a lot of stuff that went down, right?

Is it your expectation that whenever someone posts something you weren't around for they explain themselves fully, in detail, with full paragraphs and whatnot?

And if they don't you'll get all insecure and cry "clique"?

These questions aren't really rhetorical. The original participants of this blog have mostly moved on but this may yet be a place where DC07 (and, heaven help us, maybe DC08 etc. etc.) can come and connect.

But that'll be an annoying process for them if insecure kids like the two of you hassle them over anything you don't get.

So for their sake: grow up.

If I'm even a fraction as mopey as the two of you my first summer off the Mount I sincerely hope one of my housemates / pranksters does me the courtesy of punching me in the balls.

12:58 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

Let me know if Gator needs to be punched in the balls. . . . I'm ready!

2:07 AM

Blogger McLovin said...

I just think it's kinda funny how people are getting wind of this stuff that live like 100 miles away and some of us that live like 10 minutes away just see it up on the blog after the fact.

2:36 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i think the best way to end this is to just ask, what we were doing? its pretty easy. it looks like a prank, and it looks like its gator, muppet, and i. obviously its a slip n' slide. and last i checked the only people that know were the three of us, because we did it. i didn't know that pranks involved hiring a crew to get an airplane and fly by with a banner that says, "there is going to be a prank happening tonigt at so and so time." they just happen. and the risk of being involved is not telling anyone, because word spreads. so your 100 mile away thing is crap. next time i do a prank, ill post it up on the blog and wait to see if you want to help that good enough for you? hahaha this is so fun.

2:42 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Fish was a mistake. Fish is always a mistake. Why do I always TRUST that guy?!

2:48 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

don't make the mistake of not making the mistake, gator. i should always be trusted.

9:31 PM

Blogger Nova said...

buahaha...are you guys blog fighting?

10:26 AM


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