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A little prayer please

Hey guys,

I'm having a little money problem with school. I'll take care of it for sure! It's my senor year and my motivation is high to get school behind me. However, I have learned in situations like this that God listens when many people are praying. So the next time that you're saying a prayer for dinner, in a prayer group, or whatever; if you could lift up a little bit of: "...hey Jesus, help Spider-man finish strong.", that would be awesome. Cause God is awesome, and all of this is nothing for him!

Thanks you guys
I'll see many of you at Snaps' wedding,

with love,
-Christopher McLovin


Blogger rudy said...

spidey, we love you, and we are praying for you.

p.s. if you ever go to mcdonalds, you should suggest naming a sandwich after yourself. perhaps a "mclovin breakfast sandwich."

11:13 AM


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