Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



You guys really need to RSVP for Snaps please... i don't wanna tread on your post girl... Please see Snaps post below!!!!

But i wanted to do an update/prayer request!

Tomorrow i start my teaching duties as a 7th grade math teacher at Freedom Middle School. I am following in the footsteps of our great leader Gator. And I'm scared outta my boots.

Though tomorrow I don't actually have children, I do have all the pre-setup planning duties. So please pray that I can get everything or at least understand everything. And In particular; August 20th, which not only is Tad's 25th Birthday, but also the first day of school.

I'm already copying everything Gator has said about first day instructions right down to the "cup exercise". So just pray for my nerves that seem to have been steadily growing over the past month since I was hired on.


(p.s. - also, send a prayer out for Chafer, he starts his brand new high school english teacher career as well)

(p.p.s. - If you're on Staff, i had information leaked to me that my dear Michael Plaza is a camper this week, please give him a huge hug for me!)


Blogger alexandra said...

i'll totally be praying, but you'll do amazingly... don't worry! :)

8:40 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Good luck, Chill. I'm kinda terrified also and I'm a graybearded third year.

For the record, I'm pretty sure I'll go with the get-to-know-ya activities at the start and then do cups the second day. Younger kids (which you and I have) need more structure.

8:56 AM

Blogger Race said...

praying for you chills! and in future-teacher curiosity,
what is the cup game?

8:12 PM

Blogger Dan said...


9:22 PM

Blogger Race said...

aaaah its like a gold mine! thanks gator.
student teaching begins soon, i'm at delaveaga elementary off of morrissey. those 3rd graders had better watch out.

7:20 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

good luck race!

ps- your deathly hallows predictions were spot on.

7:53 PM

Blogger Mr. Love said...

How many cups tall are you Chilly?

3:22 PM


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