Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Day Camp has the flu...

or at least the count for sick couselors went from 1 to 4 tonite...prays would be excellent seeing as our JEMS count is pushin 190....
Love-a currently healthly but keeping fingers crossed nova


Be an American...Visit Day Camp...

Especially from June 29th to July 1st because that's when Spidey is going to be in town, Santa Cruz town that is.

And one more thing, I'm bringing Laura Severs. Who's Laura? Well she's my girlfriend, she's pretty awesome, and I want her to meet you all while I show her around Santa Cruz and Mount Hermon.

Redding is too far!

Halla! I'll see you all soon.

~Chris Love

Rules Video 2008

Cracks me up every time.

I didn't make this one, though.


Day Camp 2008....

well guys...this first week has been crazy in ways that none of my previous training weeks have ever been! The new theme around Mount Hermon is "unity" which means that on top of all of the normal training week madness morning and evening meetings were added to the schedule to promote that unity among the staff-they are also trying to promote famiy unity among the confrees which means a new Sunday nite opener instead of program that includes ALL the campers (adult, high school, day camp age, etc). So DC was given the task of performing "we're all in this together" for the opener! So despite long hours in meetings, long hours dancing, and all the rest of the usual training week activities WE MADE IT!

Day Camp looks AwEsOmE! It's the Acme props closet which means anvils, TNT, bombs, caution tape,TONS of boxes full of crazy acme props!, a tornado-in-a-box that is coming out of its box! some crazy wildcats that have been released! and lots of other fun looney cartoon stuff! If you get a chance please come and see it! it is super fun an funky!
The dance is also pretty incredible...i am so proud of them all....if you want the chance to see bro pretending to be zac efron (or i think troy bolton in the movies case) or Dash being the metro-theatre-obsessed friend DEFINATLY come by some sunday is WELL worth it. After dress rehersal Thursday nite it was described as "an explosiong of glitter"...i don't think i can put it any better than that.

Now the most fun and important part...the new staff is incredible! they dove right into a training week that ran the most entergetic of us ragged and worked so hard and are going to be great counselors! i'll get a picture up ASAP but until then heres the run down of staff...Gidget-craft director, maverick:dash:Bro:myself-team leaders, skitch:banjo:dutch:pixie:slider:salsa:smiles-returners! who are all amazing...AND drumroll please the new guys!!! Clutch, yuke, and coach! and the new girls! munckin, grommit, freckles, and sprout(whom bro has in brotherly love dubbed "prune"....huh) i said before:picture asap.

So theres update numero uno....please be praying for us and the campers and that we are just radiantly shining God's incredible love to all the kids we come in contact with this summer! With all the changes around here we will definatly be on our toes all the time! And come by and check DC and us out when you're in the neighborhood! because we are going to be having an explosively good time!!! Love you all!

a tired but excited Nova :)


Dear friend,
Please keep us updated on this years Day Camp! I would love to see pictures, stories, and prayer request so that I can pray for all of you throughout the summer. Have a great summer and I have one piece of advice for you to tell our new Brothers and Sisters, don't eat four hot dogs and go on fire ball its not pretty and Love Those Campers!

I also encourage all of you that still reads this blog to keep Day Camp in your prayers throughout the summer because you know what the summer can bring.

1 Cor 9:24-27



the kickoff to DC 08... "epic"

i'm thrilled, and wanted everyone to know! holla if you're with me!