Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


? birthday ?

we have a birthday today....its a little late for it, but happy birthday WHO!!!!!!!
(above picture was from his birthday bbq....notice the birthday boy get a little crazy, slowly he attacks chilly, and you can see as bruin is shocked at this and gets butted out, and i just cry because the birthday boy invaded got too close....the funny thing is that there was more taken after this but their rated r).



So, I think this is the funniest pic I've seen from the mount in quite awhile. The funny thing is, I saw it snooping around on Spidey's Flikr
account. I highly recommend checking it out. Anyone got any good quotes for this? I think it's going to be my new desktop.


Update your look....

so spidey i thought i would be helpful and update your look seeing that you have changed your look quite a bit. this is in appreciation of your great job at making the rest of us our own southpark characters......and i do admit that you made fish actually even laughed at how good he looked too. so here you go spidey, ol' pal.


Roll Call!

Hey - can I get current addresses of everyone 'round here? Mer and I are doing the address book compendium thing.


Michael and Meredith Kanbergs (or Meredith and Michael Kanbergs, if you please.)
2701 Durant Ave. #10
Berkeley, CA 94704


Dear Blog

Me, Rudy, and Spidey just wanted to say hello. We were eating Mexican food and watching The Office. Then we were thinking about you for awhile.

[Not pictured: Spidey's hair.]


Who's the man?

so... i just got my summer pictures developed, and could'nt help but laugh when i came across this one. let me set up the scenario a little; miami vice 1 week away, handle bar mustache (the fu manchu), skydiving, and the great lodi californ-i-a. this little number was especially priceless because it truly puts the trash where it belongs. not only the sketchiest place to entrust your life, but "who" and his sweet attire just add to the beauty. i hope you can all enjoy it as much as i do. have a great year!
in Him,


I'm Going to Hell...

Funny story really quick... I had dinner with Luc Cabot's (a kid I had this past summer) family tonight, and it was really nice. I'm talking to Matt (Luc's dad) by the fridge as we are about to sit down, and he offers me a soda. He then says, "or hey, are you 21?". I'm like "yeah" so he gets me a beer. We sit down outside and they go around the table saying really nice things about me as we eat. It is just then that I realize that I am sitting there, nursing a beer, when directly next to me is a 7 year old who was in my 1st/2nd grade group and still calls me Frodo. I'm going to hell.


What happened to Hula?

Has anyone seen heads or tails of her lately? And Gator you and I should have a sleep over at my place. I DO have funiture after all.



Fine, Rudy. I give up.

Fair warning: Rudy's been on me like I owe her money to post footage from Mexi Weekend. Doesn't take much to figure out why: she's in most of it. So, be forewarned, this week's headlining act is:


There are a few below-the-marquee highlights:
  • Critter, checking a text message during Bible study.
  • Rudy has a man in her stomach.
  • Hammer, before the asphalt had its way with his face.
  • Me, chasing little girls, which never seems creepy at the time.
  • Rudy, asking the kids if they think her real name is "Vomit Rude."
  • Kids, tossing around petrified poo.
  • Kids, trying to destroy my camera in a dumb dumb display of oneupmanship. I almost socked somebody.
  • Monty, unsuccessfully trying to catch a kid in Sharks 'n' Minnows. Don't sweat it, Monty. Not even INS can catch a Mexican on the run! *rimshot*

    I'm going to hell, aren't I?


for those of you who missed a spicy (probably a word that i should have not used but i am sticking with it, so there.) weekend full of hispanics....
here is what you missed. in the pictures you will notice a couple of things: mexicans, a belly, a gringo, and blood. we kind of had a little mishap with one of our fill-in counselors who happens to be one of my ex-high schoolers from home, his name was Hammer (i meant to say and is Hammer- he didn't die or anything like that), he thought it would be fun to longboard on dirt and rocks to victory circle and ate it....this is after critter cleaned him up a little. i am not going to lie, it was gross, shaggs almost threw up when they were trying to clean out his mouth, but it was hilarious watching the process it went into helping him with our first aid crap and shaggs ended up having to take him to san jose to get stiches....and counselor skit consisted of 5 counselors with Critter out in the crowd....that was until Gator came and saved us....but that meant it was just like old times and we were in every skit. so well i hope you all had a superb weekend, you were greatly missed, i can't tell you enough....and for those of you who participated in gator and my owe us cash fast, you need a loan with low interest we can take care of that for you too, we are all about making our own businesses....and thank you for your cooperation. LOVE YOU GUYS and tell me about your weekend........

and to spidey...i am going to kill you for that rumor you started.....everyone knows i don't go for the type of guys who tuck their shirts in.



Okay, I need a name for a business. And I need it by tomorrow afternoon.

In the event that MH doesn't employ me, I'll be doing video work on a freelance basis, 'cause, confound it, I came down here to do video. So I need a business name to declare on my Schedule C, to write off business-related expenses like tequila and blow, to represent me on contracts, to produce going-out-of-business signs, etc.

I'm drawing a blank and you guys are pretty creative and bored most of the time, apparently, so help me out.

I don't really want my name in the business and I plan to use it as a platform for graphic design as well as video. So just about the worst possible suggestion is: Meyer Video. If the .com is available for it that's bonus points. I'd like this name to stick with me for awhile.

Please. Help.

A Starbucks card customized with my business logo (okay and maybe a little cash on it) goes to anyone whose suggestion I use.

Gratefully yours,


P.S. Yeah, I totally realize this is the third post in nearly a row asking for naming suggestions. You guys are clearly that good. And I'm also sorry to Spiff for pushing his really cool post down the page way before it deserved.

Minibus Roadtrip Time!

So, I kinda got a free car. I picked up this VW bus on Labor Day for free, but paid 200 dollars to get it to SD. It needs some help, but by summer, my roomie and I should have an awesome ride for a nationwide road trip. It has a camper interior and my RD is reupholstering the interior for free! I love the bed, the curtains, the fridge, the sink and the little picnic table inside. It's so cute!

We'll have one of the two engines running strong very soon, and I've got to take the pink slip in to AAA to get insurance. I'm going out on a limb here, but those of you who know my love for mechanics know that this is like Spidey shaking hands with Mary Jane. As Fish would say, you can't beat a price like "free" dollars. Any name suggestions for her/him?


Call Daff.

He's driving 13 hours today and wants company. I would but ... um ... a cat stole my cell phone.


to the herm...

I'm (finally) coming down to camp tonight, staying all day tomorrow and possibly till monday morning. Only thing is, not sure where I am, anyone have a floor? I'll see anyone who is still there later, cheers
matt (sushi)-