Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


New "friend"

I met this "Girl" at "Costco" and she needs a name. I have an idea for a name, but I want to see if anyone has a better one.

(And no DC girls should think it's cute to use there own names, .....unless your Smalls.)

Look what I found!

Welcome to the family Nova! Much love.
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Hey everyone! I just found this picture and thought everyone would...enjoy(?) it. That's me as a 6th grade camper with my counselor, Corker. Can't wait to meet you all! Later-



A Question For Gator....

After watching your movie, a question popped into my head. I believe that everyone can benefit from your answer, so here it is.......
You, Gator, are sitting in the VIP area. I, Shannon, approach the security guy and say that I know Dan. He comes to to you to ask if you know a Shannon. What do you do? Do you say you know me and let me come in to the VIP lounge, or say you do not know me and have me mingle with the other peeons?
Think carefully.


and update from the north

Here is a little update, I'm now back in Canada it's been a little over a week now and I'm so glad to be up back. I didn't realize at the time when I left camp what a step of faith it was coming up here with no visa. It honestly didn't hit how crazy I was until I went to the HR guy at TWU and was like well I hope you get something soon, maybe you shouldn't unpack you bags because immigration may send you home.

It was then that I spent the next four days in space of complete unrest but all the while learning to walk in faith. Several hundred prayers and dollars later....the Canadian Immigration section decided to grant me my work visa; even as he handed the coveted slip of paper to me he said, "I shouldn't be giving this to you."
I continued to look wide eyed with a hint of desperation- in my mind thinking...but you want to give it to me, you want to, just GIVE IT TO ME...PLEASE!!

Tomorrow the Students come the students I'm going to be hanging out with all year, I'm excited for them to get here and begin Student Leader Orientation week. People have asked me a lot about my summer, and now that I'm a few weeks out of camp I look back and smile. It's that sort of smile that you can't stop and wells up from deep within, I say, "This was the best summer of my life, It was incredible the people I worked with were amazing and I miss them and love them, wow it was a summer I'll never forget...I sit at my desk and remember and smile"


Say word it's your birthday!


Family Camp VI + other videos

These videos from the battlefront are slowly killing me so I'm done. Done with video entirely. The only highlight I could find from this week is Daff, sporting a severely (and in light of his recent remarks, deservedly) sprained ankle. That's all.

I'm also posting some footage I put together for banquet. The theme was Hermon Bandstand -- kind of a 60s teevee show that Bob hosted. I had to develop an intro sequence and then a commercial for conference center. Both soaked up a lot of time this last week. They're posted below this week's video.

That's it. Everyone's gone. We shook up the world!

Video Diary

Hermon Bandstand Intro

Trailer: Conference Center - The Movie


This week's footage

Gator has extra bootlegged footage of himself at the creek on his camera that I think everyone should encourage him to post. He hasn't lost his touch with kids. It is definetly worthy!



work visa? check
job? check
one happy lark ? check


Soliciting Songs

So I've been given permission to use songs for the staff banquet slideshow that AREN'T EXPLICITLY CHRISTIAN. So what four songs should I play? Suggestions please. And all of you Third Dayers and Jeremy Campers can go sit in the corner and cry.


Family Camp V

One week until staff banquet. (The theme is "African Safari," for those of you back home who care.) Two weeks until camp is done. And the video keeps coming.

This week's highlights:
  • Daff. Mostly this video is about Daff. His extended family was here and, since they're the reason he got this job, I figured it was only fitting to dedicate this one to our heir, Mr. Jason Jackson Jenks, VII.
  • The best prank of the summer, in my opinion.
  • Layne Clements. For the fans.
  • Other stuff, but this is kind of a drag on my Saturday night and all the other work I've got to do right now. Post your own snarky commentary in the comments.


Day Camp

Genius!!! Check it out!



So I'll be driving up to Canada and I'd love for you to call me as I drive......think of me on Saturday I'll begin the trek on Saturday at 7am ish....

New look #4

so I am sitting in coffie cat and surfing the net and thinking about this summer and realized that I went through 4 different looks this summer!
#1 mo hawk
#2 shaved head
#3 shaved head with handle bars
#4 died my hair Black.
I dont really know why I keep changing my look, I don't even know why Iam writting this post for, But I do know that I wanted to say hi to every one and I hope your day is going great!



pictures of fun

go here; type meredithmichael in the typing space; enjoy.

delete this gator

(this is how i should have done it)
and gator remember the time you forgot to call me on my birthday and post a bday post for me. i sure remember. and fisher i miss you.

Happy Quarter Birthday, Tues!

It's been three months since her half birthday and it's three months until her real birthday. Congratulations, Tues!

Ha ha and Jav's got something going on today too.

Happpy Birthday Jav!!!!

this is your birthday song, it isn't very long. clap!



Nothing much to report. This one does feature the most disgusting creach paint job I have ever seen. Wait for it. Also tiny explanation needed: there's a reaction shot from Who from when I told him that what Bro was writing on his back was "profane and rhymed with 'Rick'."

Cheer up, Spidey. Watch the trailer for Borat. There's a shot halfway through involving an ice cream truck that's probably the second funniest thing I've seen all year. The funniest is about fifteen seconds later into the same trailer.


Thank God for Weed!

Or at least I would be if I was smoking it. *sigh*

So here's the story:

We do a version of "I'm Glad" but they script out skits like crazy! They have the people lined up and assigned roles. So I deside that I'm hella bored and want to change it up. So I come out as a Willam Jessup grad. (I know I stole the idea from Gators "UCLA grad", I'll pay my royalies dude). So I do my thing and everyone is rolling on the floor. When I head back stage I get pats on the back and "job well done's". The rest of the night proceeds with great fun with a trip to Wendy's and a stop at coffie cat where I meet up with some day camp staff. All in all it was a great night.

Then when I get back, some of the guys corner me in a passage way and inform me of my designation of an ass. One then proceeds to tell me of his desire to "punch my face in". for my skit earler that day. My first reaction is that they are total dicks and need to lighten up. but upon the next morning I relize that I have to work with these guys so I go and apologize for hurting there feelings. I feel like a little b*tch.

I just want to get the hell out of here with a good reference from my boss. That's the only reason I haven't quit.

advise anyone?



The grass is always greener on the other side. I'm back in SD. I forgot how good it is to wake up in SD, but the first thing it reminded me of was how nice it is to wake up at MH. Schucks. One visit wasn't enough this summer. I miss you guys. I've gotta make New Year's this time.



Dan's To Do List
  1. Quit Florin.
  2. Give my landlord my last month's rent.
  3. Barf.
I don't know where I'll be living except that I'll be fifteen minutes from the Pacific Ocean no matter which way I turn so long as I'm facing west. And I'll be doing video more or less for a living. This is nuts.