Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


and update from the north

Here is a little update, I'm now back in Canada it's been a little over a week now and I'm so glad to be up back. I didn't realize at the time when I left camp what a step of faith it was coming up here with no visa. It honestly didn't hit how crazy I was until I went to the HR guy at TWU and was like well I hope you get something soon, maybe you shouldn't unpack you bags because immigration may send you home.

It was then that I spent the next four days in space of complete unrest but all the while learning to walk in faith. Several hundred prayers and dollars later....the Canadian Immigration section decided to grant me my work visa; even as he handed the coveted slip of paper to me he said, "I shouldn't be giving this to you."
I continued to look wide eyed with a hint of desperation- in my mind thinking...but you want to give it to me, you want to, just GIVE IT TO ME...PLEASE!!

Tomorrow the Students come the students I'm going to be hanging out with all year, I'm excited for them to get here and begin Student Leader Orientation week. People have asked me a lot about my summer, and now that I'm a few weeks out of camp I look back and smile. It's that sort of smile that you can't stop and wells up from deep within, I say, "This was the best summer of my life, It was incredible the people I worked with were amazing and I miss them and love them, wow it was a summer I'll never forget...I sit at my desk and remember and smile"


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Larky, i'm so happy that you got everything settled. and even happier that you are able to look back at this summer with joy and love. You're the coolest i adore you and we need to stay connected.

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