Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Today Bush was in Ottawa, and since my chances of seeing him in person were slim- I decided to go to the protest so I could see hundreds of pictures of him. It's definitly weird being in Canada as an American when they hate Bush so much...maybe people hate him as much in the US? I don't know- however in the demonstration they were clear to "welcome American Bush Haters!!!" Does that make me a Bush hater? Hummm, I don't think so.

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My New Kit

  • If you're a motorhead, imagine a Ferrari F430 rolling right off the lot.
  • If you're a wino, imagine a 1992 Duriff.
  • If you're Fish, imagine a night alone with Josh Lyman.
  • If you're Lark, imagine a G5 with 1GB RAM, 250GB HD, running Adobe CS, Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3, and Motion.
  • If you're anyone else, imagine heaven. (And multiply by 2.)
I'd say it's about time to get down to business with this Day Camp DVD.

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To Whom It May Concern:

(written the in singular, meant to be read in plural)

I thought of you today. Sitting down at Starbucks trying to study gastric secretions, I couldn't quite remove you from my mind. It was odd, because gastric secretions don't normally remind me of you, and I have to say I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach. Perhaps it was the hypochondriac in me. Either that or the coffee. Soon I started humming an unfortunately familiar tune for no, apparently, good reason. I thought maybe I should just call you, all of you. Then I finally figured it out, Starbucks was playing this favorite little tune of our good friend Jack. So I went back to studying, telling myself I'd call another day, though not first without thinking how it is possible for an old lady to swallow a whole petting zoo full of animals.

Your friend,


Two rather important annoucments- now don’t get too excited I’m definitly not engaged…I’m a bit far from that occurring anytime soon. However I just posted my very first web page- there is really nothing to it, it’s just an image for now, but soon very soon there will be so much more! Put, on your favorites.
My second bit of news is for those of you that find yourself awake from the hours of I think 3am-7am west coast time on Saturdays, I have my own deal on the radio yeah I’m an announcer- that’s right “Hi this is Andrea at CHRI 99.1 FM….” It’s been on for about a month now, and yes it’s difficult to sit in a room and pretend you are talking to someone- and NO I don’t get to pick the music that is played on this Christian Station...but it’s still fun nonetheless. So you too can join the listeners in Canada’s capitol and listen online at .
School is becoming crazy, I’ve never gone to the library as much as I have these past few weeks as I have in my entire life…but life is good, I’m missing the US like no other- I wish Canadian’s celebrated American Thanksgiving…alas, sigh, a small tear runs down my cheek- maybe my housemates and I will do something. Can’t wait till New Years- love you- lark

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Chilly....that is absolutely astounding. I am so excited for you. I love that we got to hear about the sexy stuff... I mean the gushy stuff - - whatever. It is fun to hear about the big things in everyone's life. I mean sometimes I have to check this site 4 or 5 times a day just to keep up with all of the posting....but I have been just as guilty. Here in the 'wonderful' city of Los Angeles we have clear blue sunny skies and Fisher inside most of the time. Overall life is going well, but it is crazy to look at the relationships that I have (even including my roomates) and realize the amazing bond I had with people that I spent a relatively small amount of time with. I look to you all as amazing examples for me. Plus when I am busy getting drunk I just want to be wasted with all of you...hahahaha j/k j/k. no seriously I'm kidding. (it's Gator who really loves the pumpkin ale - - it is gone *sniff *sniff* ) Alright friends - - peace out.

As an update - - - I think I officially decided on summer school this year - - my life will suck, but you can count on a visit or 2 or 9 from your so cali friend fisher-man to rock the boat a little bit and upset the balance of power.

I'M OUT!!!!


The Whole Story...

Here I am. It's been a while since i have talked with my favorite staff of all... and those i haven't called or written back too... I will...

As I am sure some of you have heard, and some of you I've told, and some of you just might assume...

But Tad and I are getting married. He gave me the rock. Sorry to the DC Boys, but... Tad is indeed mine. So, you can all stop pinning after his hottness. I have pictures, but i'm not sure how to post.

Gator said he wanted the story...

SO I currently live on Balboa Pennisula (Two steps from the beach) so Tad came and visited just about sunset. ANd though We have made many trips to the beach, it was our first sunset. While my roommate and her boyfriend hid in a lifeguard tower with cameras and video, Tad walked me past and stopped and got on one knee. Since I refused believe what he was doing ( like the boy who cried wolf), i repeatedly told him to get up and to knock it off... but when I looked into those green eyes, and he pulled out a platinum solitaire .5 carat Tiffany's Setting ring... i knew he was serious.

yes i cried.
yes we kissed.
yes everyone knew about it except for me. (family, roommates and even goliath)

So get out your planners and sharpie in June 25, 2005 - Chilly Wedding. Start the caravan lists now. Get the new staff to fill in for Sunday School that weekend & pack your bags for a weekend in Bakersfield!