Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Last HW is done!!

It's almost 7am. God I'm tired! I've been up all night and I have to present my project I've been working on. I want my summer. I want to see you guys. I want to hear Gators grinch laugh. I want to see Hula smile. I want to cuddle with Furbs. I want to give Tuesday a hug. I want to feel dumb when Fish talks about stuff I don't understand. I want Chilly to tell me that I'm being inappropriate. *I want Snaps to give me the "I hate you Spidey" look. I want to get the hell out of here.


So G8R's a big deal...

Newsbeak coming soon. Pretty fun news if I do say so myself.


Disney Huh?

Okay, So I was on the phone with Bluesday last night and we got to thinking about who was like what disney character. We came up with this:

Tuesday- Belle/ Because her favorate Jack song is "I wanna read", and she kinda looks like her.

Spidey- Aladdin/ I've always kinda liked that Al always wanted to better himself, and that we would both fight a huge cobra for the one's we loved. Tuesday agreed.

Gator- Tuesday said he was all the Disney Princes combined. I on the other hand said he was more like Sid from Toy Story. It's my understanding that Tues is a little bias.

So, here's the fun part. Who do you think you are? What about anyone else? Make sure to say why.



my summer plans

I figure now is as good of a time as any to tell all of you that I will not be at camp this summer. This is after much thought and I am sure I'll regret it, but my reasoning goes like this: if I was at camp, I'd have regrets about not doing other things and I'd hate to be in the situation of being at Mount Hermon as a counselor and having any regrets about it. Instead this summer I'll be playing music with possibly 4 bands including trying to get a solo ep out. I'll be working at Peet's coffee still and hopefully be able to transfer to one in the city when I move in July or August. I also applied for this 2 week trip to New York where 6 Americans, Germans, Moroccans, and Tunisians meet up and discuss world issues and things of that ilk. I'm really hoping I get accepted, I find out if I get an interview on the 28th. I really want to come down and visit like last year, even though my bro won't be there, so I hope someone is willing to lend a floor every now and then. I really was excited about being there this summer, I just think the opportunites before me are too perfect to pass up and I also have this debt left from England that Mount Hermon won't kill as easily as Peet's. cheers,

The most only gorgeous MySpace page in the world.

Dear Deedee, Hula, Indy, Jayber, Lark, Montana, Rudy, Smalls, Snaps, Spidey, Sushi, Who, and anyone else I forgot,

If you can figure out how to make a MySpace page as surpassingly inoffensive as this one, all's forgiven. Please come home.


P.S. Just an update that I still hate MySpace.

P.P.S. Someone else post something.


DC Easter SoCal / Isse No

A two-parter. First, Fish wins the 1st Annual Day Camp Easter Egg Hunt. Of the 120 eggs hidden in the courtyard of Tuesday's apartment complex, he scared up 19 of them. Full standings after the jump.

  1. Fish, 19
  2. Bro, 13
  3. Crush, 11
  4. Frodo, 10
  5. Katie Potter, 10
  6. Spiff, 8
  7. Montana, 7.5
  8. Bruin, 7.5
  9. Hula, 7
  10. Sarah, 6
  11. Indy, 6
  12. Tuesday, 4
You can find full photographic coverage of DC Easter: SoCal here.

Second, if Day Camp isn't playing Isse No on a daily basis this next summer, there is no more hope for it.

Isse No (pronounced "Say No;" Japanese for "Ready, Set") is why Fish was forced to gorge down 15 Peeps.

Isse No is why Bro drank two liters of 7-Up.

Isse No is why Tuesday ate a cup of relish.

Isse No is also why I had to call Taboo and ask if they had 14-year-old strippers.

There is a stripped-down index for how good a game is.

Goodness = ----------------------------------------
Materials Required * Rule Complexity

Hand and Foot, a game beloved by many, is a good game but not great. Its high excitement index is diminished by the materials required to play and a high complexity rating.

Isse No is, by this index, the best game ever.

When stakes are involved, it's as exciting as they come. Thumbs are the only materials required. The rules are simple.
  1. 2-6 players sit in a circle with every fist facing toward the center. They play Roshambo to decide who starts. Play goes clockwise.
  2. Every turn starts with a player saying "isse no" and then saying a number between 0 and the total number of thumbs in the circle. (i.e. If there are five players, anything between "isse no zero" and "isse no ten" is possible, provided no one lost a thumb in 'Nam.)
  3. Right when the player says the number (i.e. "isse no FOUR") every person in the circle sticks up either zero, one, or two thumbs.
  4. The player's goal is to predict how many thumbs will be sticking up (including her own). If she predicts correctly (i.e. if she says "isse no three" and three thumbs are in the air), she pulls a fist out.
  5. The last person with fists still remaining in the circle loses and must call the local pet shop to ask what wine would best complement roasted iguana.
  • Addendum: This part was invented by Tuesday's crowd. If every person playing happens to put up the same number of thumbs (i.e. if everyone sticks up two thumbs) everyone in the circle has to put her thumb on her forehead and yell out "cock!" (because you look like a rooster if you do it right). The slowest person brings a fist back in. No penalty if both fists were in.
This game is amazing. Thank Tuesday and then Japan. Check out the isse no set.


It sucks to be Frodo.



I love MH

I'm currently sitting at work in the back Reg office and two of my campers are making faces at me in the window to the direct left of my desk right now. I quickly hid my nametag. I don't think they saw it.

....Now there making pig noses on my window. I'll have to get the windex. Or maybe I'll just leave the smuges for nostalgia.



toss one up

hello my day camp faily, i just wanted to see if yall could toss up a prayer for smallsie, fuzz, and i we will be leaving for new orleans tonight at 3:30am for a week with our high school group. and fuzz will be flying in from hawaii to join us so i am very excited. we have yet to know what we are doing....and the good news is that i get to see my triplets there and we just foind out that their amazing aunt got legal custody over them for at least a year. praise jesus. anyways have a happy easter and know that i love you all and miss you all. i want socal easter!!!


DC Easter Part II

So here it is...the final plan;

The celebration will take place at Tuesday's apartment on Friday at 2 p.m. It will be a BBQ and will rock your socks off. As of right now Tues, G8R, Spiff, Fish and Frodo are in, so if you wnat to come let me know. For directions, call Tues, for complaints, call Spiff. Can't wait.


So this is my friend Amy Hughes. She's applied for the DC three times and her dates haven't matched up. This time they did. By the third interview, Bob knew her pretty well, but so do Fish and Crush (that's another story). She's worked at another camp where her name was Race and it stuck. So this is Race. You'll be seeing more of her this summer (Lord willing). She's definitely a go-getter dirtiest-counselor contest-winner! But she will also take the suckiest role in theme skit. I trust she'll add a new flavor to the DC. I wish I was there to see it.

DC Spotter #6

It's spring break.

For the win, all three must be answered correctly:

a) Who are the missing people?
b) Where are they?
c) What Day Camp counselor activity was this?

[Yeah, way to go Snaps. Not a typical spotter but 30 minutes is still fast]

(1 of 1 posted at 11:57AM)

Past Winners
DC Spotter #6 - Snaps
DC Spotter #5 - Who
DC Spotter #4 - Spidey
DC Spotter #3 - Hula
DC Spotter #2 - Who
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


You can't take them with you.

So this is my bookshelf.

Not a huge shelf, of course, but I've accumulated enough books over the last few years that it looks trashy. I've enjoyed a lot of them but have no plan to read them again any day soon, so I'm wondering, why hold onto them?

Instead of taking them to a used book shop and pocketing a few quid, I've decided to let you, my friends and Fish, have any of them you want. Pick only as many as you'd actually read in the near future. This whole project is to discourage my hoarding. Claim 'em in the comments and send an e-mail with your address to dan at cineme dot net. I'll pay for shipping and everything.

If you want to know anything about them, ask in the comments or click on through for an Amazon description.

[Disclaimer: I didn't necessarily like all of these books and, in at least a few cases, did not buy them.]

I've got a bunch of poetry [Jav] & fiction compilations from my college years that I didn't list. Anyone interested in those, just comment.


Back to blogging

Go to my page and look at the video. It's under my interest. I want you to pay attention to the way the crossfire hosts are proving Jon's point for him. It is funny, but that's not why I put it on. The funny nature is just a bi-product of a bigger point.



The whole story

I know I've talked to alot of you, but I thought I should write this to clear anything up.

On March 15th I got a call from Shaggie. In this call Shaggie informed me that I was not hired on staff next summer. The reason being was that he thought that there were "better things out there". He also said that he was afraid that I would become tired of Day Camp because it was the same thing that I've been doing for the last four summers. I for the most part dissagreed with the decision. However, I did agree with the logic behind it.

After a lot of crying and advice I decided to try out for youth staff. After two weeks and three meetings later I was turned down for that as well. This apparently was on the grounds that I would still be hung up on Day Camp. Chris thought that this would pose a negitive influence on the other youth staff. Once agian I understood the logic but not the decision.

Promtly after the meeting with Chris I went to see Bob. I asked if there were any spots anywhere. Apart from ADFAC, Dining, and Reg there were non.

Very much in an unquantifyed numb look on my face I walked out of Bob's office. Left with no place to go after school and no job.

The reason I'm writing this is because for the longest time I wanted you to know. This was very hard for me. I didn't want to tell you what happened until it was finalized. And although it's not the finalization that I wanted, I'm glad the waiting, stressing, and mourning are over.

So the question is, what do I do now? The answer: I have no idea.

Just do one thing for me this summer. Love the new people. We all know the first summer is hard. Take the time to go one-on-one with them. It does more than you think.

I love you all very much, and although I don't know what the future holds remember:

The child you love today, may be the counselor that loves a child 10 years from know because you showed him/her love first.

God Bless,

It didn't go well

I'm not comming back this summer


Did anybody notice...

...that UCLA is going to the NCAA Championship? Watch out for a Bruin Victory in the game starting at 6 tonight. Hollar at your college basketball!


DC SoCal easter

So here is the official notice... Spiff and I have decided that there is a need for a DC SoCal Easter. Therefore, all in the SoCal area (or even those who are not) are welcome. We are trying to figure out when and where exactly, so weigh in. If you are around, we would love to see you.


Cartoon Spidey

Well, how do I look?