Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


I love MH

I'm currently sitting at work in the back Reg office and two of my campers are making faces at me in the window to the direct left of my desk right now. I quickly hid my nametag. I don't think they saw it.

....Now there making pig noses on my window. I'll have to get the windex. Or maybe I'll just leave the smuges for nostalgia.



Blogger Spiffer said...

"...can I bring my bong?" - that was classic, Spidey. You made my Easter. Missed you there.

10:52 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I'm now going to apply question for Day Camp this summer? Well? Who? Frodo?

9:46 AM

Blogger Gator said...


5:39 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Translation: I want to smoke in front of children. (not really)...okay really

1:14 AM

Blogger Gator said...


1:21 PM


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