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DC Easter Part II

So here it is...the final plan;

The celebration will take place at Tuesday's apartment on Friday at 2 p.m. It will be a BBQ and will rock your socks off. As of right now Tues, G8R, Spiff, Fish and Frodo are in, so if you wnat to come let me know. For directions, call Tues, for complaints, call Spiff. Can't wait.


Blogger Fisher-man said...

I'm pumped. Everybody in So Cal had better show up... that's all I have to say.

12:02 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Stupid nor-cal! I wanna go.

2:35 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

I'm in. Tell me if I can bring something.

2:38 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Spidey, I don't think that Nor*Cal is your problem. I think you should check out this site. You just might find out that you are "all tied up inside" and you need to "take a vacation from your problems."

5:06 PM

Blogger Lark said...

can i say that- sometimes I'm not as choked when you all get together- I think it's ok- it will be ok....THis time however is frankly killing me...know that i looked at flights, yes that is how much I want to see you all. I love you- Have fun- think of me.

11:01 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I'm gonna ditch my Grandma! I'm going!


8:32 AM

Blogger Christopher said...


8:32 AM

Blogger Christopher said...


8:33 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

just go spidey. tell her you sick and can't get outta bed...
thats probably bad advise.

9:40 AM

Blogger Frodo said...

Spidey, if you take the utterly sinful and damning advice proffered will be my hero.

10:18 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

I'm serious, no sarcasim. I might do it. Someone must stop me by the end of the day!

3:04 PM

Blogger hula said...

a dc easter only 2 hours away from me?!?! i want to be there! but, i would be like an hour late... oh, how i would love to see all of you...

7:00 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Only an hour late???? Make it happen Hula; it would be wonderful to see you.

7:13 PM

Blogger Frodo said...


you are sooo welcome, at any time! just bring yourself.

8:15 PM

Blogger hula said...

please count me in! i'm not sure where tuesday's place is, but i'll aim for biola and call when i get closer.

please let me know what i can bring. 805.680.0357

SOOO looking forward to seeing you all!!!

12:20 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Hula's going too? Damn!


1:32 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

The fact that I seriously thought about ditching my Grandma on Easter is making me consider my true moral character.


1:34 PM


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